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Posted by Mike Burnick via The Edelson Wave

on Wednesday, 15 March 2017 11:02

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 10.39.39 AMMy mentor and friend Larry Edelson had an uncanny ability to correctly identify market tops and bottoms.

This includes calling the 1987 stock market crash weeks in advance. Plus, the great bull market bottom in gold that began at $250 an ounce in 2001, and the bear market top at over $1,900 in 2011.

What’s Larry’s secret weapon that made him so prescient with his market calls?

Larry’s life’s work over four decades was the study of cycles. He quantified and cataloged historical cycles stretching back hundreds and even thousands of years. He combined this with cyclical pattern recognition across hundreds of markets and individual securities.

Plus, he added his own unique methods of technical analysis, to produce one of the most effective trading tools any investor could hope for: His Artificial Intelligence Neural Net model with the power to indicate expected cycle highs and lows in stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies and more.

Larry devoted these last three years pouring himself and his vast investing experience into this model. And as my mentor of 15 years, he entrusted me and his team of analysts and traders here at Weiss Research with his most closely guarded secrets and strategies for reliably detecting key market turning points.

In tribute to Larry, we simply call it the Edelson Wave Model.

The proof of Larry’s model is in the consistent profit potential it generates.

Just recently, most Wall Street analysts were calling for crude oil to break out on the upside and soon reach $60 a barrel as a result of the OPEC agreement among oil producing nations to limit production. But Larry was not one of them.

The Edelson Wave Model steadfastly and correctly disagreed with Wall Street. Our research pointed to a break-down in oil below the recent trading range.

Sure enough, crude oil plunged nearly 15% over the last three weeks, right on cue with Larry’s model. Members of one of his trading services earned gains of over 26% in the process from a well-timed trade on an inverse ETF that tracks oil.

Larry also correctly called the bottom in gold and mining stocks in late 2015, but warned that the first leg of the new bull market rally last year would falter, with a steep correction testing the patience of precious metals bulls.

Again, the model was right on the money with precious metals suffering a steep correction during the second half of 2016. Gold and silver stocks plunged more than 40% after this correct call.

Earlier this year, we correctly called – and profited from – the rally in gold.

Early this year, we correctly called – and profited from – the rally in gold with multiple rounds of profits earned for subscribers. This time from ProShares Ultra Gold (UGL) and VelocityShares 3x Long Silver (USLV) leveraged ETFs – and once again, thanks to the E-Wave model.

More recently, Larry’s cycle models warned of a disturbance in the uptrends for gold and silver. The system identified an early warning flag: A bearish non-confirmation between gold itself and gold mining stocks.

While gold prices continued to move higher, gold mining shares started moving the opposite way. Seasoned technical analysts like Larry can spot trouble ahead with this indicator, signaling a correction is likely.

Right again, as mining stocks led gold and silver into another correction. This time, his members profited with the Direxion Gold Miners Index Bear 3x ETF (DUST).

Bottom line: Right up to his final days, Larry worked tirelessly to perfect his models and generously passed on his life’s work so future generations of investors would continue receiving his real-time guidance and forecasts. For me and our entire team here at Weiss, it is now our mission to fulfill Larry’s legacy, and to constantly improve the effectiveness of his proven, and highly profitable, approach to cycles analysis.

Good investing,

Mike Burnick



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