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The Titanic Sinks on Election Day

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Posted by Gary Christenson - The Deviant InvestorInvestor

on Tuesday, 01 November 2016 06:19

First, this article does not oppose one candidate or the other.

Second, the “powers-that-be” have selected HRC as their choice for President to implement their agenda.

Third, in spite of voting machine “glitches”, the popular vote could go either way. Texas County Enacts “Emergency Paper Ballots”

Regardless of who the voting machines select as winner, the following questions have been mostly ignored by both candidates.

  • The US national debt (official only) is nearly $20 trillion and has approximately doubled every eight years. What is the plan for controlling the growth of that debt? Let it grow exponentially and assume something magical will fix it? Hope that congress will cut expenses? Wait for the Easter Bunny to deliver a pile of dollars from La-La land?

2016 approximately $20 trillion

2024 approximately $40 trillion

2032 approximately $80 trillion – really?

  •  Medicare, health insurance, and sick care costs are skyrocketing for individuals and governments. The latest Obamacare increases are frightening. What is the plan to manage and control price increases? Let prices increase until only congress can afford medical insurance? Bankrupt all pension plans that currently offer medical insurance? Wait for Santa to bring free universal health benefits to everyone at no cost to individuals or the government? More “hope and change?” The Easter Bunny again…




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Exchanging Losses for Gains (Or Vice-Versa)

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Posted by Danny Pero

on Monday, 31 October 2016 12:09

tax and currencyOver the past decade, the Canadian dollar has fluctuated significantly against the U.S. dollar. Depending on one’s perspective, this has been greeted with either delight or dismay. For individuals with U.S. dollar investments, these swings could produce unanticipated tax consequences.

On the sale of a capital asset, the resulting capital gain or capital loss is the difference between the proceeds received on disposition and the adjusted cost base of the capital asset, less disposition costs. In situations where the capital asset is purchased and/or sold in a currency other than Canadian dollars, the question that generally arises is how to report this transaction for Canadian tax purposes.

It is the Canada Revenue Agency's position that each transaction must be reported in Canadian dollars using the foreign exchange rates in effect at the relevant times. Thus, the proceeds of a disposition would be determined using the foreign exchange rate prevailing at the time the capital asset is sold; conversely, the adjusted cost base would be calculated using the foreign exchange rate at the time the capital asset was purchased.

For example, consider the situation where an individual purchased a share in Company X for US$1,000 when the foreign exchange rate was at par. The individual then sold the share in Company X at a later date for US$900 when the foreign exchange rate was 1.1111. Although the individual would have realized a loss on the shares from a U.S. dollar perspective, assuming no disposition costs, for Canadian tax purposes the individual would have no gain or loss as the proceeds of disposition in Canadian dollars (i.e., US$900 x 1.1111 = C$1,000) would be equivalent to the adjusted cost base in Canadian dollars (i.e., US$1,000 x 1.0000 = C$1,000).

As this example illustrates, even though a transaction may appear to produce one result in a foreign currency, when the fluctuations in foreign exchange rates between the dates of purchase and sale are contemplated, the results for Canadian tax purposes can be significantly different than expected.

Danny Pero - www.retiretoday.ca

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Shocking Stat: A Real Presidential Head Twister

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Posted by Michael Campbell

on Monday, 31 October 2016 06:39

Michael comes up with a real head twister. Can you choose correctly the Presidential candidate who talks about themselves the most?

....don't miss Tyler Bolhorn on the Markets Today




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A Presidency From Hell?

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Posted by The Burning Platform

on Friday, 28 October 2016 08:01

A-Presidency-From-Hell-2-700x245Should Donald Trump surge from behind to win, he would likely bring in with him both houses of Congress.

Much of his agenda — tax cuts, deregulation, border security, deportation of criminals here illegally, repeal of Obamacare, appointing justices like Scalia, unleashing the energy industry — could be readily enacted.

...read more HERE


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Powerful Trends That Are Changing Everything

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Posted by Michael Campbell

on Saturday, 22 October 2016 11:55

We are living the age of consequences. The decline of the welfare state. The decline in confidence in government, media and other institutions. The key question? What impact will these major trends have on stocks, bonds, currencies, real estate, food prices.... and ultimately you

....related from Michael: The Downfall of the Mainstream Media & The Stirrings of a Revolution




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