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Let Crude Crash: US Oil Producers Are Hedging At Levels Not Seen Since 2007

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Posted by ZeroHedge

on Friday, 28 October 2016 05:56

producer hedging 1 0As warned here one month ago after the farcical OPEC meeting in Algiers, the cartel's latest jawboning ploy to keep prices artificially higher - if only for one more month - is fast falling apart. Just a few hours ago, Bloomberg reporter Daniel Kruger penned the following assessment of the situation:

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Crude Oil - Herding Cats As Reality Sets In



Energy & Commodities

Crude Oil - Herding Cats As Reality Sets In

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Posted by Andrew Hecht via Seeking Alpha

on Thursday, 27 October 2016 06:10


- Another meeting.

- Iraq balks and asks for an exemption.

- Processing spreads on their seasonal paths.

- Brent-WTI reflects U.S. inventory withdrawals.

- The $50 pivot point until November 30.

Crude oil traded to just below $40 per barrel in early August, but it recovered as news of another attempt by OPEC and the Russians to stabilize the price of the energy commodity filtered through the market during the late summer. That news brought little but a dubious response from the global oil market. The Doha get-together earlier in the year resulted in nothing more than placing a bright spotlight on the tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran when it came to the cartel's strategy and policies for the future.

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......also Michael's Mid-Week Update: Vancouver's Hot Real Estate Market Not Finished Yet!


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Todd Market Forecast: Turns Bearish Crude Oil

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Posted by Stephen Todd - Todd Market Forecast

on Wednesday, 26 October 2016 15:02

Wednesday October 26, 2016-  3:00pm Pacific (MT Ed: Stephen went bearish crude Oct 25th after gaining $10 being bullish from August 3)

DOW + 30 on 850 net declines

NASDAQ COMP - 33 on 1000 net declines



STOCKS: Apple reported its first annual revenue decline in 15 years and led the stock market lower. Boeing helped buoy the Dow by rising over 4% on higher guidance.

Oil prices dragged the overall market lower even though inventories showed a drawdown.

GOLD: Gold was down $7. The Wall Street Journal said that rate concerns were responsible for the decline. In other words, they don't have a clue. Sometimes it's just more buyers than sellers. It certainly wasn't the dollar.

CHART We're somewhat encouraged that the Philadelphia Semi conductor index has been outperforming the Dow. When this happens, it shows that investors still have animal spirits. These are riskier than average stocks.

Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 3.00.44 PM

BOTTOM LINE:  (Trading)

Our intermediate term system is on a buy.



Energy & Commodities

Forecast Summary: Commodities, Forex and Stocks

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Posted by Ken Ticehurst

on Monday, 24 October 2016 07:53

We should now begin to see a drop in WTI over the next couple of months and in to 2017, so far the consolidation that has occurred over the last few weeks has been as forecast and the next down phase we have been modeling for months is now due.

42848 a

We have been forecasting for some time that the the Pound would be the weakest of the major currencies going forward and so far of all the major currencies it has been with the Euro not far behind.

Our forecast for a new down leg down in the Euro against the Dollar has remained on track for some time, we do now appear to beginning the next Dollar bull phase which could see parity within months. We expect this Dollar strength to be negative for many stock markets and other assets going forwards.



Energy & Commodities

Four Companies for the Metals Market Turnaround

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Posted by Gwen Preston - Streetwise Reports

on Friday, 14 October 2016 06:54

The bear market was tough. Lots of companies went into complete hibernation; lots of people left the sector. It takes time for companies to get going again, but they have begun to get back on their feet, says Gwen Preston, founder of Resource Maven. She discusses some of the major trends she sees in the mining industry, and profiles several companies that survived the lean years and could lead the pack going forward.


Majors Are on the Hunt
Majors, after selling almost everything to survive the bear market, need to start restocking the pipeline again. Usually that process starts with new production and near-development stories, but there just aren't very many such assets around. The bear market derailed so many projects that only a small number are ready to be built or are newly operational. Majors are circling these opportunities but, because they know competition will be stiff, they are also going straight to exploration-stage opportunities.



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