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Trump Bids Adieu to Paris Climate Agreement. What Does this Mean for Energy Investors?

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Posted by Frank Holmes - US Global Investors

on Tuesday, 06 June 2017 06:45


Surprising no one, President Donald Trump announced his decision to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris climate agreement last week, highlighting the depth of his commitment to keep “America First.” Also surprising no one, the media is making much of the fact that the U.S. now joins only Nicaragua and Syria in refusing to participate in the accord.

Trump was under intense pressure from business leaders, politicians on both sides of the aisle, environmental activists, members of his Cabinet—even his own daughter Ivanka, reportedly—to stay in the agreement, but he made his decision with the American worker in mind. The Paris accord, Trump said, “is simply the latest example of Washington entering into an agreement that disadvantages the United States,” leaving American workers and taxpayers “to absorb the cost in terms of lost jobs, lower wages, shuttered factories and vastly demised economic production.”

This is the assessment of Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross, who went on Fox News to defend the decision. “Any time that people are taking money out of your pocket and you make them put it back in, they’re not going to be happy,” Ross said, making a similar argument to the one that prompted the Brexit referendum last year.


Energy & Commodities

Is the Energy Rally Running out of Gas ?

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Posted by Rambus Chartology

on Thursday, 01 June 2017 07:15

Tonight I would like to update some charts for Natural Gas and oil which appear to be building out a topping formation. If these patterns play out there is a lot of room to the downside we can take advantage of. There has been a lot of backing and filling, but it looks like this may be coming to an end and we may finally get the impulse move down.

$NATGAS has been building out a 1 year H&S topping pattern and just recently completed the high for the right shoulder. This daily chart shows a blue 5 point bearish rising flag that broke below the bottom rail today. A backtest to the underside of the 5 point bearish rising flag would come in around the 3.18 area which would represent a low risk entry point to go short natural gas. The possible neckline is still quite a bit lower which would be another low risk entry point if the neckline gives way.


This next chart is a weekly look which shows a classic H&S top forming with the left shoulder and head building out inside the rising wedge, and the right shoulder forming on the backtest to the bottom rail of the rising wedge. Note how long the backtesting process took before it was finally completed. Most folks would have given up and moved on to something else, but sometimes having some patience can be rewarding. Patience would also have been required when the very symmetrical 2 year triple H&S top broke down and began consolidating the first leg down, building out the blue diamond. Each reversal $NATGAS has had since 2012 was accompanied by a H&S reversal pattern. As you can see, if our current H&S top plays out this move down is just getting started.


Energy & Commodities

The Best Bull Oil Thesis You've Never Heard Of

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Posted by Seeking Alpha

on Wednesday, 31 May 2017 08:38

5006891 14961718469770 rId7Summary

AltaCorp in its May 26 report details a very contrarian bullish oil thesis.

They argue that the market is ignoring the crude quality difference between OPEC and US shale.

While US shale production continues to grow, the world will still be short of the crude grade that refineries want.

...continue reading AltaCorp's Contrarian View - OPEC vs US Shale; A Tale of Two (Very Different) Crudes

Energy & Commodities

Oil & Pegs

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Posted by Martin Armstrong - Armstrong Economics

on Wednesday, 31 May 2017 08:01


QUESTION: First question: Disappointed I have not heard an opinion concerning OPEC’s continuation of reducing oil out put. Can the US shale drillers fill the void and or can the Canadian and Mexican producers ramp up any shortfall into the US

Second Question: What is your opinion on the Chinese Yuan being pegged to the US dollar. In the past you have always stated that “pegs can’t survive” i.e Swiss Franc to the Euro.


ANSWER: Supply really has little to do with the price. The real issue is demand. Electric cars are coming rapidly. I have a BMW hybrid I8 sports car and it is fantastic. It is the fastest sports car I have ever owned off the line. It has two engines a gas and electric and this technology is being expanded to all models. My neighbor has a Tesla and that is fine for local use. Tesla vehicles are currently the only battery electric cars you can buy in the that have an official range of more than 200 miles per charge. When I went to Amsterdam, the taxis are Teslas. Europe is moving toward electric cars faster than the States.


Energy & Commodities

Flammable Ice

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Posted by Martin Armstrong - Armstrong Economics

on Tuesday, 23 May 2017 07:35


The big story in Asia has been that China made a major breakthrough being able to extract gas from what people call “Flammable Ice” located under the South China Sea. This has been at the core of China’s insistence on controlling the area.This is an important future global energy supply and not merely a territorial power grab.

Flammable Ice is actually methane hydrates that hold vast reserves of natural gas. The biggest challenge has been the mining and extracting because they are located under the seabed. We are looking at anther major advancement in the expansion of energy reserves for the world.

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