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THE UNKNOWN FUNDAMENTAL: This Will Push The Silver Price Up Much Higher

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Posted by Steve St. Angelo - SRSrocco Report

on Wednesday, 11 October 2017 06:36

Precious metals investors need to understand the coming silver price surge will not occur due to the typical supply and demand forces.  While Mainstream analysts continue to generate silver price forecasts based on supply and demand factors, they fail to include one of the most important key factors.  Unfortunately, the top paid Wall Street analysts haven’t figured it out that supply and demand forces don’t impact the silver price all that much.

For example, I continue to read articles by analysts who suggest that industrial demand will impact the silver price in the future.  They believe that rising industrial silver demand should push prices higher while lower demand does the opposite.  However, according to my research, I don’t see any real correlation.  So, why should industrial demand impact the silver price in the future when it hasn’t in the past?

If we look at the following chart, there doesn’t seem to be a correlation between global industrial silver demand and the silver price:




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Oil supported by suggestions of “Extraordinary Measures”

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Posted by Lukman Otunuga - FXTM Market Analysts

on Wednesday, 11 October 2017 05:15

wti 1 18

Oil prices edged higher during Tuesday’s trading session, as investors pondered over what “extraordinary measures” OPEC may implement to rebalance oil markets in the medium to long-term.

Although the commodity got off to a rough start last week, after traders questioned the sustainability of the rally, recent comments from OPEC stating that there are clear signs that markets were rebalancing, have supported WTI crude. With OPEC’s Secretary General Mohammed Barkindo almost pleading for U.S. shale oil producers to help reduce the global supply glut, could the tough tug of war between U.S. shale and OPEC be coming to an end?

It has certainly been a tricky year for OPEC, especially when considering how U.S. shale production soared nearly 10%, despite the cartel's valiant efforts to cut supplies to prop up prices. Although Saudi Aramco plans to make “the deepest customer allocation cuts in its history” by cutting 560,000 bpd next month, its impact could be diluted if the U.S. shale producers see this as a Christmas gift.

As we head deeper into the final trading quarter of 2017, investors will continue to scrutinize markets for any fresh details on the “extraordinary measures” and signs of OPEC extending its production cuts beyond March 2018.

From a technical standpoint, WTI crude has staged an impressive rebound from the $49.08 level. A decisive breakout above $51.00 should encourage a further incline towards $52.40. In an alternative scenario, sustained weakness below $49.00, which is also under the 50-day Simple Moving Average, may open a path towards $47.80.

Catalonia independence in focus



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Softs And Grains Fundamental Overview For September 2017

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Posted by Aquarium Investments

on Thursday, 05 October 2017 06:39

EN 1 Wheat

In September, USDA global wheat production estimates were revised slightly higher. Mainly due to better crop conditions in Turkey and Russia, estimates were raised to 744.85 million tons from 743.18 million tons in August. Based on the latest data, Russia is currently expected to be the top wheat exporter in the 2017/18 season year. Global wheat consumption is now expected to edge slightly lower from this year’s record of 738.7 million tons and reach 737.5 million tons next season year. Latest data are more bearish for global inventories, however, which are forecast to increase 16.5 percent to 263.14 million tons.



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OPEC production/dollar weaken crude as Administration shows coal love

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Posted by Phil Flynn - The Resource Investor

on Tuesday, 03 October 2017 08:59

Oil prices are falling on reports of rising OPEC oil production, but the main culprit is likely the rising dollar.

Reports that Nigerian and Libyan oil production increased caused some selling as well as a report by Baker Hughes that showed the U.S. oil rig count rise by six, even as the natural gas rig count fell by one. Still reports of problems at Libya’s largest oil field that was shut since Sunday and a pledge by the United Arab Emirates to reduce production by 139,000 barrels per day in November puts the oil price fate in the hands of the dollar (see chart below). 




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The Other Gold Market Has Been Surging And So Has This Key Market

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Posted by King World News

on Friday, 29 September 2017 07:14

King-World-News-An-Extraordinary-View-Of-The-War-In-The-Gold-Silver-Stock-And-Commodity-Markets-864x400 cDespite concerns around refinery closures and inventory builds post Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, WTI Oil has traded constructively and, in our view, has the potential to reach $60+ as we head into the end of the year…

WTI Crude has broken through the trend line across the 2017 highs and this overall setup can be viewed as a triangle consolidation before the prevailing trend higher resumes. In fact, the break higher suggests just that (see chart below).

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DANGER: Major Warning Indicator Hits All-Time High While A 2nd Plunges To All-Time Record Low!



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