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Stock Market Chaos Sparks Oil Selloff

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Posted by Nick Cunningham

on Friday, 12 October 2018 10:44


The plunge in global equities on Wednesday and Thursday dragged down crude oil, with even concerns about falling Iranian supply not enough to keep crude from a steep selloff.

Brent fell more than 1.2 percent on Wednesday and was down another 1.5 percent in early trading on Thursday, falling back to the low-$80s per barrel, down from over $86 last week.

The same supply concerns are still there – Iran’s oil exports are dwindling, and it is unclear if OPEC can fill the gap. But the sudden cracks in the global economy took on a higher priority.... CLICK for complete article


Energy & Commodities

VW Planning for Solid State Batteries by 2025

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Posted by Bengt Halvorson

on Tuesday, 09 October 2018 12:50

VW Guy

Solid-state batteries sometimes sound a bit like the missing link that would punt electric vehicles soundly into mainstream acceptance.

The list of potential virtues for solid-state tech, which would replace the polymer/gel electrolyte commonly used in lithium-ion cells with a solid one, is impressive: a longer driving range; smaller packaging; reduced chances of fire; easier cooling and ...Click for complete article


Energy & Commodities

Why the Internal Combustion Engine is Dead

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Posted by Tom Raftery

on Thursday, 04 October 2018 16:38

Car charging

The age of the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) is over. Electric cars are the future. The transition has just begun, but the move from ICE vehicles to Electric will happen sooner and more quickly than most people suspect.

What are the factors that lead me to say this with such...Click here to read full article


Energy & Commodities

Schachter Energy Conference

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Posted by MoneyTalks Editor

on Monday, 01 October 2018 17:06


We had a great time at the inaugural Schachter Energy Conference, it was a full house and investors were treated to alot of quality presentations from the country's top CEOs. Plus Michael on the lunchtime panel of course!

Josef has kindly allowed us to offer the special discount subscription attendees could receive:

Use  the Promo Code ENERGY2018 for $100 of your first year's Black Gold Service which includes:

  • · 12 months subscription to the Schachter Energy Report
  • · 12 months subscription to the Interim Update which includes company quarter reports and market updates
  • · 4 quarterly Webinars with Q&A with Josef
  • · Timely Action BUY and SELL Alerts

 or  Promo Code SER50 for $50 off the first year's subscription for the monthly Schachter Energy Report

CLICK HERE to subscribe


Energy & Commodities

The Gas Revolution In Central And Eastern Europe

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Posted by Liubov Georges

on Thursday, 27 September 2018 08:53


The energy markets of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) are witnessing some profound changes as they become an integral part of the larger European gas market.

The European Commission’s flagship policy to transform the archaic CEE natural gas markets saw a wave of billion dollar gas infrastructure projects meant to integrate the market and increase competitiveness and transparency - arguably a good thing for both producers and consumers. In this more liquid market (with a 20 percent increase of gas traded in competitive gas hubs from 2015- 2017), CEE nations have already attracted a diverse range of suppliers, including U.S. Liquefied Natural Gas... CLICK for complete article


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