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Interest Rates will Double

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Posted by Martin Armstrong - Armstrong Economics

on Monday, 13 November 2017 08:41


QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; Thank you for an excellent conference. I have been attending since 2011. Each time you deliver a different conference and they are always better than the last. I could not help to notice on Zero Hedge they ran a piece about a Harvard University’s visiting scholar at the Bank of England who claims:

“We trace the use of the dominant risk-free asset over time, starting with sovereign rates in the Italian city states in the 14th and 15th centuries, later switching to long-term rates in Spain, followed by the Province of Holland, since 1703 the UK, subsequently Germany, and finally the US.”

Besides claiming to calculate the 700-year average real rate at 4.78% suggesting that rates will rise sharply when your models are 5,000 years, the two ridiculous statements are a 700-year average as if this really means something in the near-term when rates have been below that for nearly 10 years, and second the statement that he traces “the dominant risk-free asset over time.” You have demonstrated that moving averages are not valid in forecasting and that government routinely defaults.

You forecast at the conference that rates would rise very rapidly as we move into the Monetary Crisis Cycle. When I returned home to Greece, the latest news here is that so many people do not even have the money left to pay taxes. Is this part of the first stone in the water that sets off the waves of the Monetary Crisis Cycle?

ANSWER: It is very nice to trace 700 years and come up with the average of 4.78% by switching to the dominant economy as the financial capital of the world moved. However, starting the study in the 14th century skips the crazy part. There was the Great Financial Crisis of 1092 in Byzantium. This was really a watermark event that set in motion the decline thereafter. This study of moving from Spain to Holland, UK, Germany, and then the USA, is interesting, but regionally biased.

The fall of Byzantium resulting in the financial capital of the world moving to India – not Spain. That is why Columbus set sail trying to get to India, which was the financial capital of the world after Byzantium.

We hit a 5,000 year low. The Reversals we provided at the conference show we are looking at a near doubling in rates when we cross that number.

....also from Martin:

European Banking Crisis


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Laser Weapons Set to Boost Military Might at the Speed of Light

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Posted by Jon Markman - Pivotal Point

on Wednesday, 08 November 2017 12:08

Imagine if fighter jets could shoot down enemy targets with high-powered lasers.

That is now closer to reality. Recently, the Air Force Research Laboratory awarded a $26 million contract to Lockheed Martin (LMT) for a laser system small enough to mount on future fighter jets.

It’s cool tech … and a potential goldmine for investors in stocks tied to lasers.

Lockheed, and other defense contractors, have been working on powerful lasers for a long time. In June, the U.S. Army test-fired a laser weapon from an Apache helicopter.

In other recent military tests, Lockheed used a laser to melt a pickup truck enginefrom a mile way. And a laser successfully shot down four drones at the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico.

The technology works, and it is instantaneous.

The Laser Advancement for Next-generation Compact Environments project will build on that technology. LANCE pushes the boundaries of what engineers thought was possible.

It’s one thing to mount a laser on a ground vehicle, a ship or even a helicopter, which can hover for stability. But it’s a real challenge to attach a 60-KW-class laser to a $160 million tactical jet carrying 18,500 pounds of jet fuel.

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 12.10.49 PMThe laser weapon generates a beam of light so intense that Lockheed compares it to a stream of unlimited bullets moving at the speed of light.

This stream is almost invisible to the human eye. But don’t underestimate it. It can destroy small rockets, missiles, drones and other targets that are more than a mile away.

The system uses fiber-optic lasers and sophisticated beam control. As power levels increase, Lockheed claims the lasers will eventually knock out bigger targets at longer ranges.

That is the opportunity for investors.

A New Era of Invention

Most portfolios should have some exposure to defense contractors. These companies are very often at the cutting edge of technologies. Having a client with ultra-deep pockets helps. It defrays costs. And it’s good for shareholders, too.



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Private Corporation Super RRSP Idea

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Posted by Andrew Ruhland

on Friday, 03 November 2017 12:26

Worried about how the Liberals proposed tax changes will impact your business? Find out if this strategy can work for you. 

CLICK HERE to register


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Canada in for a Rough Patch Even if Rates Stay Low for a Long Time

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Posted by Danielle Park

on Thursday, 02 November 2017 07:01

The Loonie is tumbling and Canadian bonds rallying as the Bank of Canada backs away from its rate hiking plans in ‘surprise’ over the slowing Canadian economy.

Meanwhile, a new report from the National Energy Board brings good news for the planet (that is bad for Canadian GDP in the short and medium run). See: Canada’s demand for fossil fuels will max out in 2 years: NEB

The National Energy Board says Canada’s addiction to fossil fuels will peak in two years…The board’s annual energy futures report for the first time says with climate change policies and growth in clean energy, Canada’s consumption of fossil fuels to run cars and heat homes will max out before 2020, start to decline slightly and then flatline over the next two decades. Here is a direct video link.

At the same time, the NEB says it thinks (hopes) that falling domestic oil demand will be offset by increasing oil exports, and thus not hurt Canadian GDP. This is unlikely.

In reality, it’s not just domestic demand that will peak much sooner than previously estimated. The trend towards higher efficiency, renewable energy, and electric transportation, is global and only just getting started. In addition, new oil production technologies are enabling increased supply in most countries, including our historical oil export buyers.

Canada and other countries need to transition to products and services needed for the next phase of human evolution. We can, but to do so we will have to let go of status quo thinking and a fixation with sunk costs and antiquated business models.


This day was always coming, but unfortunately, Canada is woefully unprepared for the drop in income and the capital investment intensification needed.

....continue reading HERE


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Greyerz – The Ultimate Panic Is About To Be Unleashed In Financial Markets

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Posted by KingWorldNews

on Tuesday, 31 October 2017 06:29

King-World-News-7-Terrifying-Warnings-That-The-Greek-Disaster-Is-Now-Set-To-Catapult-The-World-Into-A-Global-Meltdown-864x400 c“We are currently standing before one of the most unique and frightening periods in history. Never have there been so many extremes in so many different areas. In the last 100 years everything seems to have grown and intensified much faster, including population, technology, inflation, debt, money printing, budget deficits, stocks, bonds, property prices. crypto currencies etc. All of these areas are now in an exponential growth phase.

The final stage of exponential growth is explosive and looks like a spike that goes straight up. A spike for a major sample like global population or the Dow never finishes with just a sideways move. Once a spike move has finished, it always results in a spike move down."

....read more HERE


also from KingWorldNews:

China’s Bold Moves – The Implications For Investors Are Enormous


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