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Improvised Explosives in Markets

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Posted by Gary Christenson - The Deviant Investor

on Thursday, 27 April 2017 07:57

What happens when new currency is created with few limits by central banks and commercial banks?

Answer: Far too much debt and currency are created.

Central Bank Balance Sheets have increased by $10 trillion in the last decade and $1 trillion YTD in 2017.


What happens when an extra $10 trillion in central bank debt plus another $80 trillion or so in other global debt is created in a decade?


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America’s financial war strategy

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Posted by GoldMoneyWealth

on Monday, 24 April 2017 06:58

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 6.32.08 AMAbstract

America’s renewed desire to escalate military tensions is a front for America’s continual financial war, this time directed at North Korea, Syria and possibly Iran. This is likely to be the opinion of China’s strategic advisors. We analyse the geopolitics and economics behind America’s war strategy from China’s perspective, concluding that it is entering its final phase. China’s exit plan appears to be to tie the pricing of energy and then other major commodities to gold, returning to the pre-1971 status quo, when the dollar was just a settlement link between commodity prices and gold. Except this time, the dollar itself will be side-lined, so far as China is concerned, which will use the yuan instead for its empire, which will be far larger than that of the US in time, measured by GDP.


The day President Trump assumed office, it appeared that at last there would be détente with Russia, leading to America’s withdrawal from unwinnable conflicts and towards a new peaceful agreement between these long-term enemies. However, within the traditional presidential bedding-down period of one hundred days, Trump has gone from his electoral platform of disengagement from foreign ventures to overt aggression in multiple locations.

Something major has changed his thinking. Trump has committed no less than five acts of foreign aggression in that short time, with a sixth pending....

....continue reading HERE (be sure to read the conclusion!)

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Viene la Tormenta - There's A Storm Coming

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Posted by Frank De Baere

on Wednesday, 19 April 2017 11:55

From Tulips to South Seas, from Dot Coms to Houses, all manias have something in common. Assets rise gently, largely unnoticed by the great unwashed, as the easy money is made and price rises above historical norms they become more popular by mainstream, then they become overvalued as their price rises way above "intrinsic value" and when the mania finally matures overvalued grows to extremely overvalued. And then at some point in time at some price level on the chart the market exhausts itself and collapses back to and often below it's starting point. These collapses tend to be sudden, out of the blue and violent and usually happen without any obvious cause or reason. What was made during the boom gets lost in the bust. Only the smart money has greater odds of surviving ending manias but only if it does not get outsmarted.

44197 aWhat we as Danielcode members are interested in is markets turns. As we said above manias end at some point in time and at some price. Think about that for a minute. A mania pushes up price to a certain level and at one specific point on the chart it all collapses under its own weight for no obvious reason. Whatever reason is pinpointed to the start of the crash by financial journalists is merely linking an event or piece of news that happened after the top was made. The real question on our mind is "Why is a specific price THE top and why did that top happen in that specific week or even on that specific day?" And God help us, what if we could foresee these points on the chart and have a good idea where and when they should happen. Is that even possible? The truth is that God does help us, the sad truth is that no one listens and even less are interested.

The Danielcode is a mathematical matrix of numbers straight from the book of Daniel discovered by our mentor John Needham. How these numbers are calculated is beyond my time schedule to write here but you can discover all of that in the "Live at the Springs" audio under the articles tabs at the Danielcode website. The Danielcode ratios are 29.7 , 37.5 , 44.5 , 50 , 62.5 , 59.3 , 74.2 and the powerful 89 number. And these numbers are important folks. Very important. They rule all markets in both time and price, they even rule all life and death in the universe. Or do you think it is a coincidence that the synodial month, the average length of a month, is 29.7 days or that the orbit of Saturn (referred to by the ancients as Cronus or Kronos the Roman Deity of Time) is 29.7 earth years or that the orbital velocity of Mercury is 29.7 miles per second?

Maybe. But our mentor has shown us so many charts where price has recognized so many Danielcode numbers always with precision down to a few ticks that I have completely sworn off Random Walk theory a long time ago. Nothing is random in a chart my friends. Markets are not random, they are perfectly mathematically organized, and sometimes even perfectly predictable. Let me show you what I mean.


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CONSPIRACY vs FACT: How Much Gold Is In The World??

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Posted by Steve St. Angelo - SRSrocco Report

on Tuesday, 18 April 2017 07:06

There still seems to be some doubt in many investors minds on how much gold there is in the world.  I continue to receive emails from individuals who read articles stating that the amount of gold in the world is much greater than the official estimate.  Recently, I have received a spike of emails questioning the amount of gold in the world due to all these supposed “SECRET GOLD STASHES.”

Due to this, I decided to write an article to set the record straight… once and for all.  I actually wrote about this in a previous article early last year.  However, new information as well as additional data should help provide more FACTS vs the LOUSY CONSPIRACIES.

Before I provide this information, I would like to say the following… I mean no ill will or disrespect for analysts that I disagree with.  That being said, I find it quite frustrating when individuals are being misled due to faulty or incorrect information put out by these analysts.  Some analysts even state their “Conspiracy Theories” are not conspiracies, but rather…. FACTS.  This is even more erroneous than providing a faulty conspiracy.

For example, some precious metals analysts suggest the Fed and Central Banks can push the price of gold anywhere they see fit.  This is totally false.  There is some method to their madness.  This chart, republished from a previous article, shows the gold market price versus the cost of production from the top two gold miners (Barrick & Newmont) 2000-2012:



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Stocks, Bonds & Gold; Snapshot of a Shifting Macro

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Posted by NFTRH

on Monday, 17 April 2017 07:34


Over the last year we transitioned from the stock market angst of 2015 to the bullish breakout of 2016.  For NFTRH, the real proof in the pudding was the ramp up in the cyclical Semiconductor sector’s Equipment sub-segment (Applied Materials, Lam Research and the like).  Specifically, we tracked a trend in Equipment orders and projected a bullish Semi sector a year ago.  The logical extension of this was a bullish stock market, since the Semis are a leader.

What a difference a year makes....Always looking ahead, and only looking behind for frames of reference, we see that some macro signals are shifting beneath conventional market participants’ feet.

......continue reading HERE

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