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The 3 Top Articles Of The Week

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Posted by Money Talks Editor

on Saturday, 22 October 2016 08:16

oil-pic1. Crude Oil: Setting Up for Rare Buying Opportunity

   by Michael Campbell & Josef Schachter

Right now he sees a combination of tax loss selling and other factors setting crude up for a fabulous imminent buying opportunity at much lower levels than we trade today in the upcoming December/January periodr me lately world" Mike asks him what's next - not just for gold but for Mark's other big winner marijuana stocks.

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2. Get Ready …

by Larry Edelson

Let me cut right to the chase: The global financial markets … entire economies … and even political systems and philosophies — will soon start spiraling out of control.

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3. The Downfall of the Mainstream Media & The Stirrings of a Revolution

   by Michael Campbell 

In the US millions have become disillusioned by one sided media push to get Hillary Clinton elected, the corruption of the FBI and the Justice Dept to keep her out of jail, and the blatant political bias of the IRS. With European Governments mistrusted and fighting in the streets in the US, there is one forthcoming financial issue that could be the death blow for trust in Government institutions and the media. The big question, when millions no longer trust the democratic institution, what comes next?

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How Investors Should Approach Clinton Vs. Trump

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Posted by Oppenheimer Funds

on Friday, 21 October 2016 07:03


Strong companies will create investment value regardless of who sits in the White House.

History suggests the outcome won’t matter much to investors in the long run.

Investors should not base their decisions on which party occupies 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.


A $10,000 investment held in the Dow Jones from 1897 to 2014 would now be worth $4.3 million.

Investing only when your preferred party is in the White House and selling whenever the other party is, would be worth roughly $4 million less!1


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...related by Larry Edelson:

Get Ready.....



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The Next Big Catalyst

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Posted by MIchael Campbell

on Monday, 17 October 2016 04:22

The erosion of public confidence in government institutions and the media is ongoing. There is however a huge issue about to accelerate that trend. It may be the breaking point.

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Solution to Low Interest Rates

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Posted by Andrew Ruhland

on Friday, 14 October 2016 12:56

yield sign

Arithmetic is beautiful, elegant, and stunningly objective. Sometimes the truth of our own arithmetic is unpleasant…but if you can accurately identify the core problem to be solved, then you can get to work on actually solving it.

So let’s start with some typical retirement Arithmetic. If you need $50,000 of pre-tax income from your portfolio, at a 3% yield you need $1.67 million. At a 5.5% return (including current income AND capital gains), you need $909,090. The difference is significant, and affects when you can retire, or how much you can receive in retirement income.

Are you just going to sit back and take this “yield abuse” dished out on mature investors by Central Banks who’ve helped drive down interest rates, or recognize the problem and get it solved? Let’s get to work.

Having been indoctrinated for decades about how “safe” top-rated government bonds are, we find ourselves at or very near historic low yields, with lots of risk to your principal if you’re investing in long-term government debt. It’s happened before, at least a couple times in your grandparents’ lifetime. http://awealthofcommonsense.com/2015/03/the-blueprint-for-a-bond-bear-market/   The problem is real, the results are serious, only the timing is unknown.

As Jim Dines says, “Over-efforting creates countervailing forces,” so don’t ignore volatility of market prices simply because an investment has a high yield. Focus on total return, with yield (interest and dividends) as part of the overall return, along with prudent capital gains.

Below is a compilation of strategies for dealing with the low interest rate environment from the IWM stable of discretionary portfolio managers…not specific recommendations for the reader. All portfolios are managed within the framework of an Investment Policy Statement (IPS), which is a best practice among Fiduciaries. “Process provides protection,” and here’s an intelligent process:

  • Step 1: Seek Higher Yielding Fixed Income alternatives to Government Bonds, with a focus on credit quality, including:
  1. Corporate Bonds, preferably under 5 years to maturity to be able to reinvest at higher rates in the future
  2. Preferred Shares with a guaranteed floor-rate reset provisions, ideally at rates 3% or more > 10 year govt. bond yields…and tax efficiency
  3. Commercial Mortgages, with Loan:Value ratios > 75%, and
  4. Structured Real Estate Trusts
  • Step 2: Consider “higher than traditional” allocations to High-Yielding Equities. The old rules about no more than 30 or 40% equities in retirement are outdated. Consider the following:
  1. Blue-Chips are boring and effective. Utilities and other sectors like telecoms and consumer staples with stable cash flows and great dividend coverage are a start
  2. High Yielding Corporate Bonds behave more like Equities, so an ETF helps diversify away individual credit risk but not sector risk. HYG, JNK and XCB are a few well-known options that can fit the bill, but see notes on timing and currency below
  3. Alternatives like structured Asset-based Lending and Factoring pools yielding 6 to 8%
  • Step 3: Dynamic Strategies. Markets are fluid and dynamic, and management of your portfolio should be as well:
  1. Writing Covered Calls on your blue-chip equities to add 1 or 2% to your current yield
  2. Active Currency management, sometimes to grow but most importantly to protect
  3. Buy volatile assets like stocks and high-yielding corporate during pullbacks, not just because you have cash
  4. Think of cash as a tactical asset class, not a strategic one, unless you’re already drawing income during retirement
  5. Lock in gains with a disciplined risk management framework. Be one of the strong hands who are selling to the late-comer weak hands when valuations are stretched. You never go broke by taking a profit, and great assets can be bought back later at lower prices.

Increasing the yield within your portfolio almost always decreases its volatility, and the less volatile your portfolio is, the less likely you are to do something that is financially destructive like selling volatile assets near panic lows.

And remember, everything included in your Investment Plan should be consistent with the Life Goals ™ expressed in your Wealth Management Plan.

Andrew H. Ruhland, CFP, CIM

Founder and President, Integrated Wealth Management Inc. in Calgary


Asset protection

"This Cannot End Well" Bill Gross Warns

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Posted by Bill Gross via ZeroHedge.com

on Tuesday, 04 October 2016 07:02

OB-RG382 gross E 20120105085605In one of his starkest warnings about the endgame of existing unorthodox, monetary policy, in his latest letter titled "Doubling Down", Bill Gross repeats a familiar tune, warning that "our financial markets have become a Vegas/Macau/Monte Carlo casino, wagering that an unlimited supply of credit generated by central banks can successfully reflate global economies and reinvigorate nominal GDP growth to lower but acceptable norms in today's highly levered world."

Once again he slams central bankers such as Carney and Yellen whom he describe as "Martingale gamblers" adding that "they do have an unlimited bankroll and that they can bet on the 31st, 32nd, or "whatever it takes" roll of the dice.

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