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Are We Numb To Hacking?

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Posted by Josh Constine

on Monday, 01 October 2018 10:14


We cared about Cambridge Analytica because it could have helped elect Trump. We ignored LocationSmart because even the though the company was selling and exposing the real-time GPS coordinates of our phones, it was never clear exactly if or how that data was misused.

This idea, that privacy issues are abstract concepts for most people until they become security or ideological problems, is important to understanding Facebook’s massive breach revealed this week..... CLICK for complete article


Asset protection

REGISTER - Straight Talk for Retirement Success Workshops

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Posted by MoneyTalks Editor

on Friday, 28 September 2018 11:01

Will you be the bug or the windshield? Find out how to bullet-proof your protfolio BEFORE the next financial crisis.

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- Generate solid risk-adjusted returns in rising markets. 

- Integrate options and private assets into your portfolio

- Take advantage of high-growth cyclical sectors

- Protect your capital through the next financial crisis

- Legally minimize taxes before, during, and after retirement

- Determine the right mix of moderate and speculative investments



Straight Talk for Retirement Event from MoneyTalks on Vimeo.


Asset protection

"We Have Really Lost Our Way" - Trader Laments Market's Risk Ignorance

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Posted by ZeroHedge

on Friday, 28 September 2018 09:24


The excuses to buy stocks - no matter what headline tape bomb explodes - grow longer and more desperate as asset-gatherers and commission-takers know the end is nigh (and judging by the level of insider-selling, so do C-level execs). Of course, to the onlookers, the record-breaking stock markets provide just the 'price' evidence that everything must be awesome (right?), but as former fund manager and FX trader Richard Breslow points out, "there's danger in knowing price, but not value."  CLICK for complete article


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What Can Cause the Next Mortgage Crisis in the US?

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Posted by Wolf Richter

on Monday, 17 September 2018 08:41


Mortgage delinquencies at all commercial banks in the US inched down to 3.14% in the second quarter, the lowest since Q2 2007, according to the Federal Reserve. But after those soothingly low delinquency rates in 2007, something happened. By Q3 2008, the delinquency rate hit 5.2%, and in Q4 2009, it went over 10%, and stayed in the double-digits until Q1 2013. This was the mortgage crisis. And we’re a million miles away from it, thank God. Or are we? CLICK for complete article


Asset protection

Flaw in ‘nearly all’ Modern PCs and Macs Exposes Encrypted Data

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Posted by Zack Whitaker

on Thursday, 13 September 2018 08:48


Most modern computers, even devices with disk encryption, are vulnerable to a new attack that can steal sensitive data in a matter of minutes, new research says.

In new findings published Wednesday, F-Secure said that none of the existing firmware security measures in every laptop it tested “does a good enough job” of preventing data theft.... CLICK for complete article


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