Goofy Award Winner

When In Doubt - It's Global Warming's Fault

on Saturday, 08 September 2018 14:47

roger fed

Okay, this is getting a bit much.  When the global warming crowd starts blaming a US Open Tennis upset on Global Warming - is there anything left that isn't the fault of climate change? Nope. I can hear Al Gore saying I told you so. Starts at the 47:55 mark


Shocking Stat

It's Straight Forward But Somehow Our Politicians Don't Get It

on Saturday, 08 September 2018 14:41


Federal tax revenues from those people in the highest tax bracket dropped $4.6 billion because our big tax, big spend politicians can't seem to understand that when prices change - so does behavior. Starts at the 33:57 mark


Mike’s Big Fat Idea

Instant Wisdom

on Saturday, 08 September 2018 14:26


Jordan Peterson On The Personal Characteristics of The Left and Right

Are we predisposed to on the left or right of the political spectrum? Noted professor, Jordan Peterson says yes and then tells what we can do to bridge the gap. Hint; most are not willing to do it. Starts at the 12:03 mark


Mike’s Saturday Editorial

That Job's Beneath You And Other Tales From the War on Work

on Saturday, 08 September 2018 13:34


The vilification of former Cosby star, Geoffrey Owens for working at Trader Joe's is just the latest example of how appreciation for an honest day's work is on the outs- and society is not the better for it. Starts at the 0:16


Michael Campbell’s MoneyTalks – Complete Show

Complete Show - September 8th

on Saturday, 08 September 2018 13:28


Mike talks about the triumph of the lazy while ace-oil analyst, Josef Schachter talks about the good, the bad and the ugly of the  Court of Appeals decision on the Kinder Morgan expansion. Plus Ozzie on the latest decline in real estate and goofy that will generate hate mail from the climate change crowd. 


Mike's Daily Comment

Did Politicians Just Kill The #1 Industry?

on Friday, 07 September 2018 11:42


Vancouver real estate sales were down 36% in August - coming on the heals of the worst sales in 18 years in July. Employment in the industry is sagging, tax revenue is down thanks to all three levels of government's concerted effort to lower the value of people's most valuble asset - their homes.


Michael Campbell’s MoneyTalks – Complete Show

Oil is Going To Transported - The Question is How

on Thursday, 06 September 2018 11:02


In the first 6 months of 2018 oil shipments from Canada to the US by rail are up 31% from 2017. This past June  a record 204,000 barrels a day shipped by rail. And world wide demand keeps growing - the question is how do we want to transport our oil.


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