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When Will The Progressive Left Stamp Out Norway

on Friday, 13 April 2018 06:50

Norway has always been the darling of the left, but now that they are fully engaged in terminating the Oil & Gas industry in Canada, how long will it be before they rip apart Norway who earns 1/2 their income from undersea Oil & Gas transported by pipelines...and ships! 


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Mike's Daily Comment

When Voters Choose Form Over Substance....

on Thursday, 12 April 2018 06:58

....sooner or later they find out there is no substance. Case in point, Kinder Morgan is not perpared to risk billions until the Federal Government enforces the laws of the land. Could be a long wait as Justin Trudeau and the Liberals on the pipeline file have done....nothing. Zero leadership. No substance. 


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Mike's Daily Comment

Investment Runs Screaming From Canada

on Wednesday, 11 April 2018 07:45

Changing rules & ignoring formal review processes causing the halting of the Kinder Morgan Pipeline has broadcast yet another message to investors that Canada is not a safe place to place your money. That hurts job creation, robs Government of needed revenue & will have an impact far greater than just Kinder Morgan.... 


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Mike's Daily Comment

The Battle Between Facts & Political Dreams

on Tuesday, 10 April 2018 06:28

The NDP are in court to claim that the threat to Canada's faltering Medical system is from private health care. Trouble is, that is definitely NOT the way the Supreme Court sees it after hearing evidence for over a year as Michael explains in this comment

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Mike's Daily Comment

Kiss The Jobs and Government Revenue Goodbye - along with Canada's Investment Reputation

on Monday, 09 April 2018 08:24

$47 billion lost in government revenue - 800,000 man hours of work gone if the Trans Mountain pipeline gets scrapped. And for what? Best case scenario is .03 of a % reduction in global emissions. But don't worry - there's one big winner -  San Francisco based Corporate Ethics, who in 2008 launched and financed the campaign to landlock Alberta oil. Oh yeah, US oil producers are smiling too. 


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Mike’s Big Fat Idea

One Of the Greatest Speeches of the 20th Century

on Sunday, 08 April 2018 20:25

50 years ago this month Dr Martin Luther King jr. was assassinated but his truth lives on. Listen in to one of the most memorable moments of the modern age. 

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js martin-luther-king-comp


Goofy Award Winner

Are You Kidding...$280,000 For This

on Sunday, 08 April 2018 12:37

Gee, I wonder why oil and gas investment in Canada has fallen precipitously? Could it be lower prices, the hostile attitude, the lack of pipeline capacity...did I mention the hostile attitude? How about lower taxes in the US and more streamlined regulation? It's all news to the feds who have set aside $280,000 to study the problem.

....also from Michael: Governments Destroys Concern Over Climate Change

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