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The Sickness That Is Identity Politics

on Sunday, 05 August 2018 07:48

Playing up divisions in society is all the rage politically today but it comes at a cost.  No one should be surprised at the increased level of discord...even violence in society today as politics takes on the overtones of religion in order to win power.

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Mike’s Big Fat Idea

Instant Wisdom: This Is An Incredibly Important DayDeja Vu All Over Again

on Sunday, 05 August 2018 07:36

40 years and nothings changed when it comes to anti-trade policies. Milton Friedman comments on the Trump steel tariffs and you'll swear he could have said it last week.




Shocking Stat

Shocking Stat - Forgive The Good News

on Saturday, 04 August 2018 14:20

We love our stories of doom and gloom but that doesn't change the fact that in many areas the world's getting better . Here's just a sampling of the profound progress being made. We dare you to listen. 


Goofy Award Winner

This Week's Goofy - The Latest Admission of Fake Environmental News

on Saturday, 04 August 2018 12:42


Are you one of the 2.5 billion people who saw the National Geographic video of the emaciated polar crossing the baren landscape last December? The editor now admits - the video was grossly misleading.



Michael Campbell’s MoneyTalks – Complete Show

Spending Sickness, Timer of the Year With The Latest on Markets - Complete Show 08/04/18

on Saturday, 04 August 2018 11:10

Mike on what the $2.2 billion blown on the Phoenix Pay System Could Buy. Timer's Digest Timer of the Year, Mark Leibovit on the marijuana stocks, bitcoin, gold and oil. Plus Ozzie with the latest on real estate. 





Mike’s Saturday Editorial

Same Old Story - $2.2 Billion Tax Dollars Gone

on Saturday, 04 August 2018 10:47

Too many people yawn and roll their eyes when they hear that the Phoenix Pay System debacle will cost taxpayers $2.2 billion tax dollars.  If you're one of them I invite you to consider that money is enough to provide new housing for every homeless person in Western Canada or reduce waiting times for surgery for thousands of people.


Screenshot 2018-08-04 10.53.31


Mike's Daily Comment

The BS Pedalled About The Federal Debt

on Friday, 03 August 2018 07:23

Some well known economists say we can afford the federal debt.  That’s true – it will be about 1% of GDP but it's BS to suggest that "we" can afford it when it will be  our children and their children who'll be paying. And it's not just the federal debt - they'll also be paying for our provincial debt and unfunded public sector pension liabilities. 


Screenshot 2018-08-03 08.36.40


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