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Record Government Revenues Are Still Not Enough

on Thursday, 22 June 2017 07:56

The real message from the BC Governments upcoming surplus is "Bigger Government All the Time." No thought of returning the excess to those who earned it, not even close. In spite of revenues exceeding expenditures, both the Greens and BC NDP is already on record to raise more taxes. The socialization of Big Government is so successful the only thing that separates the parties is how fast they're going to grow the Government. 

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Mike’s Midweek Comment

Mid-Week Update: Whereto Oil, UBER & Sears

on Thursday, 22 June 2017 06:55

Despite OPEC still talking about producton cuts which had Oil in the fities in April, Oil breaks below $43 today setting up big problems for Canada's economy and its deficits. The main driiving force behine the drop in Oil is how easily American frackers have been in ramping up their production and lowering their costs. Meanwhile the “rest of the world” has been very slow to embrace fracking, but when they do it seems inevitable that they are going to add to the low cost supply of oil. Amateur hour is over with UBER's CEO resigning with their stock trading at a value of 68-70 Billion dollars. Mike describes UBER's pioneering and dynamic new "Family Program". Sears, another of the great traditional retailers is preoaring to file for bankruptcy potentially throwing 16 thousand out of work while Amazon continues to expand. 

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Mike's Daily Comment

Financially Illiterate Graduates a Political Boon

on Wednesday, 21 June 2017 07:59


Students who have no awareness of the 1.3 Trillion in government debt they will be spending their lives paying off, or have no idea what an unfunded pension liability is that they will be on the hook for might be forgiven for advocating big government. Since the school system doesn't make them aware, it will be no surprise when they get very angry when they find out they are grossly in debt before they have even begun their working lives!

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Mike's Daily Comment

Socialism Gets Slammed by.....Socialists

on Tuesday, 20 June 2017 07:48


After 5 years of socialist rule in France, the socialist party dropped from 280 seats to just 29. As the new majority leader Macron said, France had become Cuba without the sun. Now the chairman of the French Socialist party declares the left must change everything about itself, including its form, substance, ideas, and organization. That's France, and its not going much better for socialist countries elsewhere either.

...speaking of socialism, from Michael: Corruption on a Gigantic Scale

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Goofy Award Winner

And You Think Trump is Bad

on Monday, 19 June 2017 09:32

This weeks Goofy Award Winner - Last week Michael talked about the increasing acceptance of extremism. This week is another example emanating from Britain, not a big stretch from Canada

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Shocking Stat

Corruption on a Gigantic Scale

on Monday, 19 June 2017 09:11

This weeks Shocking Stat comes down hard on the comglomerate of despots, tyrants, kleptocrats and sprinkling of democracies that is the United Nations. Listen to this list of corruption if you can stomach it.

...speaking of amazing.... from Michael: The Impact of Amazon's "Just Walk Out Technology"


Interview of the Week

Gold Stocks: Get Ready, Get Set.....

on Monday, 19 June 2017 08:56

Featured guest Paul Beattie of BT Global whose fund since inception in 2006 has more than doubled the return of the TSX. Paul answers Michael's questions on interest rates, the economy, the Canadian Dollar, real estate. Paul sent us a note last week saying it might be time to look at gold stocks, so Michael grills him to list his exceptional picks in that area.

Last time Paul was on in November 2016 he recommended two specific energy service stocks Calfrac Well Services (CFW) at $2.75 and TriCan Well Services (TCW) at $2.97 which both soared to over $5..00 in the next 60 and 90 days respectively. Another big winner from Paul was Trevali Resources up from below 35 cents in March 2016 to a high of $1.57 in Feb 2017. Trevali Resources traded to a close of $1.05 on friday.

...also from Michael: The Impact of Amazon's "Just Walk Out Technology"


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