Quote of the Week

Cries of Armageddon

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on Monday, 20 June 2016 10:17

These Quotes of the Week highlight the messages of panic being issued from the mouths of those in power with a lot to lose




Quote of the Week

Cries of Armageddon

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on Monday, 20 June 2016 10:14

These Quotes of the Week highlight the messages of panic being issued from the mouths of those in power with a lot to lose



Quote of the Week

Essential To Understand

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on Sunday, 12 June 2016 13:12

This weeks quote from Nigel Lawson and Mike thinks it is absolutely essential to understand. It lies at the root of so many of the problems we have in our western countries



Quote of the Week

Danielle Park on the dangerous investment climate and much much more

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on Saturday, 04 June 2016 12:33

Time For Canada To Confront Economic Extremism

Mike proposes a proper cost/benefit analysis of climate change action. For example, if the Oil Sands were completely shut down, carbon emissions would be cut by an infinitesimal 12/100th's of 1 percent!

Where To Step In This Dangerous Investment Climate

Renowned author and investment advisor Danielle Park joins Michael as featured guest. Take special note of her view on the US Dollar, and much more

No Big Fat Idea This Week

Mike's Favorite Story of the Week

It was a choice between a food fight and a serious speech in the US Congress that is waaaay out there

Bureaucracy Gone Beserk

This weeks Shocking Stat brings you startling numbers flowing from the European Union bureaucracy

Live From The Trading Desk

Victor gives his opinion on Danielle Park's view on the US Dollar, Friday's employment number and a review of the US Dollar turning point he observed a few weeks ago

Hot Properties and New Mortgage Rules

Ozzie talks about recent bank ruminations about raising the amount one has to put down to buy a house

Hate Mail Of The Week

The trouble with looking at the success of Socialism in the 21st Century

The Worst Quiz in Public School History

This Goofy just has to be listened to. Even then it will certainly be hard to believe it actually took place.

Below the entire first half hour and second hour

Renowned author and investment advisor Danielle Park joins Michael as his feature guest. Quote of the Week, The Goofy and much more.



Quote of the Week

You Won't Hear This Anywhere Else

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on Saturday, 28 May 2016 12:36

Mike reveals the elephant in the room for G7 leaders - including Prime Minister Trudeau - after 7 years of failure they have no idea what to do to get the economy growing - and he tells you the surprising reason why.

Save Yourself From Chaotic Central Bankers

Dr Michael Berry talks to Michael about Federal Reserve insider talk.  About Federal Reserve head, Janet Yellen's latest promise to raise rates - the implications and what you can do to protect yourself.

Two Big Opportunities

This weeks Big Fat Idea from Jamie Switzer involves two strong opportunities in renewable energy, companies that have diverse revenue streams with a focus on wind, solar and with a large share of hydroelectric power.

A Golden Opportunity?

Live From The Trading Desk: The gold market has record volume this week - and dropped $40 - should golf investors be worried or is it a good buying spot.

Time To Have Some Fun

An international take on ElbowGate by the comedian John Oliver

Mike's Quote of the Week

What's one of the saddest lessons of history?

Mike's Favorite Story of the Week

More evidence of the slow slide under the waves of the political realm as we've grown to know it

The Definition of Impossible

Shocking Stat: Hillary Clinton famously made $100,000 trading cattle futures in 10 months (and never traded again) - a group of economists tell us what were the odds.

This Week's Lightning Rod

Just mention Justin Trudeau's belief we aren't smart enough to vote on electoral reform and the hordes come out raging to his defense.

A Fountain of Goofy With Hillary & Donald

Mike taps in to US politics - the gift that keeps on giving - this week's goofy goes to the dynamic duo of The Donald and Hillary - and they are so deserving.








Quote of the Week

Get Ready To Bow to Canada's Aristocratic Ruling Class

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on Saturday, 21 May 2016 11:00

Editorial -  “Governments, if they endure, always tend increasingly toward aristocratic forms." The evidence suggests we're already there and you'r paying for it. Outrageous recent increases in MP expense accounts is a minor example, there are much worse.

Getting Into Those Precious Metals At The Right Time

Michael interviews David Morgan, a precious metals aficionado armed with degrees in finance and economics as well as engineering. Morgans notes Silver has stopped on it's recent run at $18 US and that the trading volume at the $16 mark is key to assess whether the next move is down or up. David gives a target for Gold in its current correction and elaborates on the long term dramatic move up he sees. Also points out established mid size and large producers. 

 Get your free Report from David Morgan at this link http://www.themorganreport.com/michaelcampbell

To download the entire show please go to - http://www.cknw.com/money-talks/ (scroll down a little bit). By 2pm today the entire show will be broken down into 10 youtube segments here - M/T Ed

How You'll Know Your Society Is Doomed

Quote of the Week comes from an author whose comments are particularly pertinent considering today's political shenanigans in Ottawa and Washington. Behavior that is causing a phenomenal stir about a certain book by an insider due to be published next week

One of the Worst, Potentially Dangerous Ideas

This hate mail of the week generated an unusual flood of protest to what Mike thinks is one of the dumbest and most superficial ideas that is regularly proposed. It boils down to screw economics and finance...

A Reason For Canadians To Be Proud

Ozzie Jurock's got a stat that will shock with what Canadians are up to. Plus a hot part of the market that few are aware of...

Live From The Trading Desk

Victor sees a surprising move in the Canadian Dollar, looks at Crude supply disruptions and more on the US Dollar and Central Bank actions

You're Just Too Dumb To Vote

Oh boy, this weeks Goofy addresses the belief of so much of the progressive movement that the general public is just not smart enough to vote properly. That's why there will be no referendum on electoral reform....believe it or not!

No, This Is What Is Strangling the Economy

Shocking Stat - How about 454 laws goverrning towels, 652 regulations for coffee and 91 regulations for showers - and that's just in the service sector. You won't believe some of the regulation that suffocate life in Europe.


Quote of the Week


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on Saturday, 14 May 2016 11:29

'Environmental Reporting is Heinously One-sided & Closed Minded."

In Canada extremists are dominating the resource agenda and its not worth the price when the results  are only symbolic..

MAY 14TH - Where Now From The Man Who Called It Right

John Johnston is Michael's main guest. Johnson had the Canadian Dollar exactly right all the way down, and recently all the way up to its present level. Johnston tells us where we are going next as well as lays out a forecast on the critical US Dollar

To download the entire show please go to - http://www.cknw.com/money-talks/ (scroll down a little bit)


A preferred share dividend with some unique, very, very attractive features. "It's a real opportunity" say's Neil McIver of Capital Management. Paying between 4 1/2 - 5%, equivalent to 6- 6 1/2 percent interest because of the dividend preferential tax treatment. There's more too.... 


Bill Murray, a well known actor on stupid people 


Mike reviews this weeks 3 big contenders, and the winner is:


This one isn't going to help Canada. How fast Iranian Oil Production is expanding. So dramatically its having a significant impact on the World and Canada....


Uh oh, new rules governing real estate, plus two Hot Properties


Victor on the what appears to be a turnaround in the critical US Dollar


Some real nastiness. Call it noble cause corruption. Some climate change lunatics are clearly saying the fire was Ft. McMurray's Karma for producing Oil. Wow. You know when Elizabeth May even thinks that's nuts that....


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