Peril Danger Warning! Complete Show Feb 10th 2018

Peril Danger Warning! Complete Show Feb 10th 2018

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on Saturday, 10 February 2018 13:11

00:32 -06:55: Editorial - The score is $490 Million to Zero. That's how much money Canada transferred from governments & companies this week to the US because 2/3rds of our oil can't get world prices because it is forced to sell at a discount to a single customer, the US.
also Rob Levy and the Top Stories of the Week plus Michael's Big Fat Idea with Craig Burrows on Taxation


01:47 - 02:52: Quote of the Week – the 1% are vilified –work ethic, risk taking, creativity and talent are ignored – it’s a mainstay of politics -  but at what cost?

 02:50 - 19:24 Featured Guest: A word to the wise - big name analyst, Greg Weldon issues a major warning for investors. Hint: the game's changed. 

20:10 - 22:37 Shocking Stat: Ontario Loses 59,300 Part Time Jobs The Same Month It Raises Minimum Wage

24:30 - 32:13 - Live From The Trading Desk: Victor Adair on the Down and Dirty Week that was an where we go from here. 

33:05 - 37:55 - Goofy Award Winner: Attention: Peoplekind - the Prime Minister triggers outrage

Attention: Peoplekind 


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