Complete Show 01/13/17 - Tax Cut Triggers Walmart To Hike Min Wage - Peter Grandich 's 2018 Predictions

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on Saturday, 13 January 2018 12:42


01:15 -05:08 - Michael's Editorial - This week Walmart joined dozens of other companies in raising salaries - clearly stating the reason was the Trump tax reduction. It's always been one of the great ironies that self described champions of the working poor pushes higher business taxes, which the research consistently concludes results in lower wages for workers. 
06:37 - 13:11 - Top Stories With Michael Levy
14:35 - 19:35 - Instant Wisdom with Michael Campbell


00:40 - 02:20 Quote of the Week - We'll await the verdict of the judges but for now we announce the finalists for the Nobel Prize in Narcissism.  Hint: This won't be popular with politicos of every stripe.  

02:26 - 16:02 - Interview of the Week - The incomparable Peter Grandich returns to MoneyTalks for the first time in over three years. And boy is the timing right as Peter has come out swinging with his predictions for 2018.  Peter pulls no punches sharing his opinions, his personal insights in this interview. 

..also Michael's Shocking Stat, Victor Adair Live From The Trading Desk, and Michael's Goofy Award Winner



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