A Boatload of Hardship - One of the Greats in the Business -Complete Show Dec 2nd 2017

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on Saturday, 02 December 2017 10:34


01:08 - 07:08- Mike's Editorial:

Demographics, Technology related job losses and unfunded liabilities, 3 areas that are going to profoundly affect society. Poor leadership foresight has allowed these problems to become ever more dangerous, and still the public rarely, if ever, hears a politician address these topics.

Plus Michael Levy with the latest on Bitcoin @ 08:35 & Michael's latest installment of Instant Wisdom starting @ 15.25


01:10 - 01:55 - Quote of the Week: This weeks quote from P.J. O'Rourke makes a little fun of seriousness, worrying and showing great concern.

01:53 - 18:27 - One of the Greats in the Business on What's Next - Being ahead of the game is essential for successful market traders, and Mark Leibovit has shown time and again that he has that special knack of being ahead of the curve. Gold Timer of the YearBond Timer of the Year, founder of the Vice/Cannabis Newsletter recommending Cannabis stocks in 2014 long before the boom upwards, and one of the first analysts to actively trade bitcoin more than a year ago- Today Mark tells Michael "what's next?"

...also - Michael's Shocking Stat plus a bonus stat about Bitcoin, Ozzie Jurock's Hot Properties on the success of Government to retard Real Estate prices, Victor Adair's Live From The Trading Desk and of course Mike's Goofy Award Winner!


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