The Clean Money Revolution - Complete Show August 12th 2017

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on Saturday, 12 August 2017 13:14


01:42 - 06:35 - Michael's Editorial - On Thursday the BC NDP/Green government held a news conference to announce that from here forward they would stop using cars, cease buying any goods transported by gas or diesel trucks, and immediately cease all air and ferry travel. Just kidding! Naturally they did no such thing, but they did promise to do everything they could to delay the Kinder Morgan Pipeline. 

06:40 15:44 - Top stories of the Week with Michael Levy

15:45 - 18:47 - This weeks Big Fat Idea is Electric vehicles power source of choice – lithium ion batteries. Several companies involved, Battery material suppliers – Albermarle  Corp. (NYSE: ALB) which supplies lithium. Imerys (EPA: NK)  which supplies graphite and Glencore (GLEN.L) which supplies cobalt



01:42 - 02:34 - This Quote of the Week features George Orwell, and you might want to ask if his quote applies to you. 

02:35 - 15:36 - Featured guest Joel Solomon is the chairman of the Renewal Fund and author of The Clean Money Revolution, a book that argues that the 50 Trillion dollars that will move from the older generation to a younger generation by 2050 will transform capitalism by powering sustainable businesses that build social and financial equity and change the world. The renewal fund invests in early stage companies the food, skin care and water businesses.

15:42 - 17:16 This weeks Bonus Shocking Stat! This one is for sausage lovers who have to know what is actually in their sausages!  

20:20 - 22:53 - This Shocking Stat give us a horrifying glimpse into the danger from islamic Jihadists that surround us in the west. From a British Intelligence report in the wake of the attack in Manchester we find that there are 23,000 Jihadist extremists living in the UK and 3000 of them pose an active threat! The UK is not the only European country with a problem either as Michael's list of statistics underscores

 24:15 - 32:19 - Ozzie Jurock on the massive change in investment money coming from China. Also Ozzie on the most interesting real estate story you will ever hear! The latest big story on what is happening with shopping malls in North America.

33:19 - 36:05 - Live from the Trading Desk with Victor Adair - Reuters estimates that global stock markets lost over $1 Trillion (1.3%) in value this week as rising tensions between American and North Korea caused prices to fall. The benchmark S&P 500 Index hit All Time Highs on Tuesday but Friday's close was the lowest in over a month, creating a Weekly Key Reversal Down on the charts.

36:19 - 38:01 - Michael's candidate for the stupidest man in BC is this week's Goofy. Believe it or not he has some challengers for the title as Michael explains. 

...also Michael's Editorial: "If The Right People Say The Right Things, It Matters Little What They Do"

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