Money Talks 2nd Hour June 17th 2017

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on Saturday, 17 June 2017 11:46


0:22 - 1:08 Michael's quote of the Week - a quote from P.J. O'Rourke's book Parliament of Whores that isn't going to make environmentalists very happy

1:08 - 17:40 - Featured guest Paul Beatty of BT Global whose fund since inception in 2006 has more than doubled the return of the TSX. Last time Paul was on in November 2016 he recommended two specific energy service stocks Calfrac Well Services (CFW) at $2.75 and TriCan Well Services (TCW) at $2.97 which both soared to over $5..00 in the next 60 and 90 days respectively. Another big winner from Paul was Trevali Resources up from below 35 cents in March 2016 to a high of $1.57 in Feb 2017. Trevali Resources traded to a close of $1.05 on friday.

Paul answers Michael's questions on interest rates, the economy, the Canadian Dollar, real estate. Paul sent us a note last week saying it might be time to look at gold stocks, so Michael grills him to list his exceptional picks in that area. 

20:15 - 23:22 This weeks Shocking Stat comes down hard on the comglomerate of despots, tyrants, kleptocrats and sprinkling of democracies that is the United Nations. Listen to this list of corruption if you can stomach it.

23:55 - 30.15 Ozzie's Hot Properties: With a big week ahead with the Bank of Canada possibly raising interest rates sooner than expected, Michael asks Ozzie what the impact on the real estate market is going to be if the BOC does raise rates, but especially if it raises rates more than everyone expects. A slowdown or a 30% correction? 

30.50 - 33:45 - In this weeks Live From the Trading Desk Victor Adair on the key events this week,  the Bank of Canada signaling a change in interest rate policy, the more "hawkish" Federal Reserve, the bad news Oil was hit with and the CRB commodity index dropping to a 14 month low, down 9% from 2017 highs even as the USD fell 7%

34:00 - 36.27 This weeks Goofy Award Winner - Last week Michael talked about the increasing acceptance of extremism. This week is another example emanating from Britain, not a big stretch from Canada

Money Talks 1st 1/2 Hour June 17th 2017


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