Money Talks 1st 1/2 Hour June 17th 2017

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on Saturday, 17 June 2017 10:50


0:46 - 05:19 - Michael's Editorial: "Just about everything that is wrong with Big Government is on full display in Ontario". Michael Campbell June 17th/2017. Michael points out that despite the worst debt position of any government in North America, the Kathleen Wynne Liberals are already setting out to buy more votes for the upcoming election a year away. It wouldn't be as bad if they weren't doing it with their childrens money! Some of the expenditures are so brazen and relentless you'll find yourself shaking your head.

06:37 - 14:23 - Michael Levy on the huge story this week where Amazon bought out Whole Foods at a 27% premium ushersing in a wholesale change in they way we shop for food. Another story where technology is allowing customers to walking into a store, pick their food, put it in a bag and walk out without going through a checkout line! Winding up the latest on the Canadian Dollar and the Bank of Canada.

15.01 -18:34 - Michaeel asks Eamonn Percy, author of the 1% solution , a book that gives the actions in recipe form that a person graduating from high school or university must take in order to build the entreprenuerial mindset required to get employment security in the changing economy. The 1% Solution solves one of life's biggest problems; how to overcome a lifetime of obstacles fast enough in order to make a significant impact in the limited time we have or, more precisely, how to become a 20-year overnight success!

Money Talks Complete 2nd Hour June 17th 2017 

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