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Key Summer Trends in this Complete Money Talks Show July 22nd 2017

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on Saturday, 22 July 2017 11:31

- Michael's Editorial

- Two Big Stories via Michael Levy

- Solid Growth & Dividend Income in this week's Big Fat Idea

 0:26 - 01:07 Quote of the Week

01:08 - 17:40 - Don Vialoux addressses Seasonal market patterns have been around since the first crops were traded. Michael gets the latest update on how to profit from those seasonal patterns from Don, founder of www.timingthemarket.ca. Key in on summer trends that can juice your portfolio performance during the dog days of summer. Special focus on movements in precious metals. 

21:30 - 25:14 - This weeks shocking Stat. No make that fascinating stats!!!!

25:41 - 31:29 - Ozzie on yet more changes to mortgage eligibility rules.

32:46 - 36:54 - Victor on the US Dollar Index has fallen ~10% from January’s 14 year highs. This week’s close was the lowest in 15 months. The USD made its highs on enthusiasm that Trump was going to make America Great Again and as the Fed was tightening monetary policy while other central banks were not. The USD has been falling since January as Trump’s plans appear to be increasingly bogged down in “Political Turmoil” and, not coincidentally, as the Fed seems less inclined to tighten further while other CB’s appear willing to do so.


Also this week we had a wonderful example of the relative impact of “Political Turmoil” when Draghi sounded more dovish than expected following the ECB meeting. But the Euro didn’t drop, as you might have expected, it rallied due to Special Prosecutor Muller "expanding his investigation” into Trump and family. The Euro ended the week at 2 year highs.

Sentiment plays a big role in the currency markets and right now sentiment is very negative the USD, just as sentiment was very bullish the USD as it was making 14 year highs in December.

37:16 - 39:24 - This weeks Goofy could be a peak in media fawning towards Justin Trudeau.


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