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Canada Defined - The Catalyst For A Big Surge Gold - Complete Show Nov 18th 2017

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on Saturday, 18 November 2017 12:30


01:11 - 06:45: Michael's Editorial - If we could weaponize smugness, Canada would be the most feared nation on Earth! Unfortunately a  fundamental disregard for opposing views is a recipe for bad investment decisions, just as it is a recipe for bad policy. It's also become blatantly dangerous to the establishment as the election of Donald Trump, Brexit, and the furor over the Liberal small business tax changes glaringly demonstrate.

06:46 - 15:45 Michael Levy & Michael on the most fascinating stories of the week.

16:03 - 18:59 - This week's edition of Michael's Instant Wisdom

01:41 -18:33 -  This week's Featured Guest is  Dr. Martin Murenbeeld, one of the gold industry's foremost economists and a sought after analyst for more than 30 years. Michael asks the Editor and founder of the Gold Monitor where gold, interest rates, the USDollar and the Canadian dollar are heading near and long term. If you are interested in Gold this interview will shine a bright light on Gold as an investment at this time. 

....also Michael's Shocking Stat, Ozzie's Hot Properties, Live From the Trading Desk with Victor Adair and Michael's Goofy

....also from Michael: Catherine McKenna Steps in a CowPie

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