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The Man Who Made a Fortune in Cannabis Stocks

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on Saturday, 24 June 2017 10:50


0:33 - 1:28 Quote of the Week: Since the immediate response to those advocating change is that all hell will break loose. More government required. Ha......Mike digs up one of his favorite quotes by H.L. Mencken to address that response.

1:29 - 18:20 Mark Leibovit is this weeks featured guest. Mark is famous for his Home Runs on Marijuana Stocks. Mark was in well before the market took off, he recommended  GW Pharmaceuticals at $50. at the World Outlook Conference in January 2014. Two months later it was trading at $90 and this past March it traded as high as $137.50. That was just the beginning, his call on a Canadian cannabis stock Canopy Growth has had similar returns. Mark was also one of the first to predict a post-Trump US stock market run (up 20% since his recommendation), he recommended the BitCoin Trust at under $100 (closed today at $438.30). Mark identified some great opportunities in Canadian solar stocks and he is bullish Gold & Silver. Mark updates all of his successful trades and spells out some new ones in this interview. *NOTE: late entry from Mike: Who Are The Top 5 Lobby Groups Fighting Legal Cannabis?

22:10 - 24:58 This weeks Shocking Stat concerns whats going to become the biggest financial story in coming years, the financial earthquake that is the pension shortfalls that are occurring. They will be the biggest driver of the loss in confidence in Government and the biggest catalyst for social unrest. Just listen to these numbers for General Electric!!!! Yikes!

25:34 - Hot Properties: Ozzie on how to save money on renovations of properties you want to sell (hint, no landscaping or carpeting, don't spend money on bedrooms, do spend on kitchens....). Vancouver is still a hot market, single family dwellings going up $35K a month. Plus Ozzies hot properties. 

31:32 - 35:16 Live From The Trading Desk - Mike asks Victor for his opinion on the recent fall in Oil to 10 month lows, the major US stock market indices hitting new All Time Highs (again), the US Treasury bond yields hitting their lowest levels since the November election and the new 14 month low in the the CRB commodity index. Victor went bullish Gold this last week and also he set out to "top pick" the Stock Market taking a postion in puts. 

35:31 - 37:15 - This weeks Goofy focuses on a celebration of hate. Calls for death included!

Money Talks 1st 1/2 Hour June 24th 2017 HERE




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