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Complete Show 02/03/18 Red Hot Advice From Michael's Conference

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on Saturday, 03 February 2018 19:36


01:04 - 06:04: Mike's Editorial - The BC NDP intends to stall the Trans Mountain Pipeline by 2 years to ensure their survival as government while pushing the Alberta NDP out of office.

07:04 - 11:57: Rob Levy gives Mike a brief on who and what was presented at the conference on Friday. 

12:45 - 17:54 - The Legend Mark Leibovit tells Mike what he is investing in and how he is handling the Dow decline. 


00:30 - 01:56 - Quote of the Week - Albert Einstein has a message for the anti-intellectualism, name calling and demonization that the progressive left uses to shut down debate.

02:04 - 08:11 Featured Guest James Thorne - James sees this current market correction as a great opportunity to get less invested in Canada and more invested in the US

09:05 - 16:05 Featured Guest Paul Beattie -  Up more than 20% in 2017 using long & short strategies allowing them to make money on Friday's 666 point Dow decline. Paul on a new opportunities in CDN stocks.

19:51 - 26:32 - Featured Guest Jack Crooks - Jack on the imminent movement expected in the US dollar plus is affect on all currencies. 

....also Doug Bartole, InPlay Oil Corp, Victor Adair Live from the Trading Desk and of course Michael's Goofy award winner. 

26:33 - 37:24 - Featured Guest Mark Leibovit, the original Marijuana Bug on opportunities in the market now. 





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