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Lavish Big Government Spending - Greg Weldon's Opportunities - Complete Show Oct 14th 2017

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on Saturday, 14 October 2017 13:02


00:45 -07:02 - If we have an obligation to pay taxes, does government not have the obiligation to spend the money well? Show some progress at least? Well, for 25 years Auditor Generals have been chronicling lavish and wasteful government spending in excess of $158 billion plus. Gone, disappeared and no one has gone to jail. Now the Trudeau Liberals spent a shocking $212,234. on the cover of the 2017 budget. That's compared to $616. for the previous budget. Demonstrating they haven't learned anything. http://ow.ly/Pbgm30fSmgF

Plus Michael Levy's Top Stories, and Mike's Big Fat Idea


Greg Weldon, the man that other analysts read, made listeners who acted a bundle with his September call on Money Talks to buy the behemoth US banks. Today Michael pins Greg down for his latest investment ideas. Today Greg delves into the confusion he sees at the Fed. Greg thinks "we currently have multiple layers of uncertainty, which is not good for confidence at a time when the landmines have never been more plentiful."  With the political uncertainty around Trump and Nafta, Gregs recommendation to go long the Canadian Dollar versus the Mexican Peso soared last week. Greg says there is a lot of opportunity to be found right now. Greg finishes his interview with his clear opinion on Stocks domestically and internationally, Bonds and Gold. Greg thinks Catalonia is a trigger mine as is China's push on OPEC and Saudi Arabia to accept payment for crude oil in Chinese yuan.

also: Quote of the Week, Shocking Stat, Ozzie Jurock's Hot Properties, Victor Adair and Mike's Goofy

...also Michael's Editorial: Trudeau Punctuates 25 Years Of Zero Progress








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