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It's An Outrage + Income Generating Small Cap Stocks - Complete Show Dec 9th/17

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on Saturday, 09 December 2017 12:25


01:05 -05:34 - Michael's Editorial - A Supreme Court Ruling said that 1,000's of Canadians are suffering needlessly, even dying through the lack of timely healthcare access. Meanwhile Canada bans any private Healthcare solution for everyone..... except for our MP's & their families. It's no wonder they don't see the need for change while wait times for treatment of everyone else are the longest they've ever been. 

 05:55 - 13:25 Top Stories from Michael Levy

13:28 - 18.55 Michael's Instant Wisdom - A really interesting commentary and clip


01:05 - 03:20 - Quote of the Week - We now find that anyone who doesn't agree with the extreme progressive left won't come up against a reasoned argument. They'll come up against name calling, as evidenced by this quote of the week.

03:25 -18:50 - Michael's Featured Guest - With the Bank of Canada holding rates yet again it's a good time to return to one of the most important issues for investors - how to generate income when interest rates are near historic lows? With that in mind Michael's guest is Aaron Dunn of Keystone Financial, who has a terrific track record of identifying small cap, income producing stocks in Canada and the US. 

Also Michael's Shocking Stat, Ozzie Jurock's Hot Properties, Victor Adairs Live From the Trading Desk and of course Michael's Goofy Award Winner




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