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Christmas Special Broadcast: How You Can Dramatically Improve Your Investing

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on Saturday, 23 December 2017 17:40


01:06 - 06:59 - Michael's Editorial: The political establishment, the commentariat, special interest groups give no indication that they really know what's going on. Their goal is to obfuscate. To blur, muddle, confuse and befog the issues to their own end. It's insulting....

Money Talks Christmas Special Broadcast first half hour:

Money Talks Christmas Special Broadcast second hour:



Michael Campbell’s MoneyTalks – Complete Show

Complete Show Dec 16th 2017 -Guess Who's Our Person of the Year

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on Saturday, 16 December 2017 14:33

01:44 - 06:15 - No it's not Donald Trump or Justin Trudeau - instead we chalk one up for courage and character and the result is that we're all better for it. Plus ace oil analyst, Josef Schachter, after being on the sidelines for that last year - is finally getting back in the game. Maybe you should too.  

07:50 -14;15 - Michael Levy's Top Stories 

14.15 - 19:04 - Michael's Instant Widsom - This week it's the author of the 3rd most popular Ted Talk ever strips millenials naked in this clip



01:53 - 04:01 -  This week Michael quotes Canada's most controversial professor Jordan Peterson's 9 rules of the politically correct game which will resonate with millions of people.

04:00 - 19.55 - After making a ton on the short side of Oil, on today's show Josef Schachter tells us why he is now recommending investors get back into the energy sector. He has issued Action Alerts on nine specific companies, and Michael has made sure Money Talks listeners can get access with a special discount.

....also Mike's Shocking Stat, Ozzie Jurock on Investment Real Estate, Victor Adair's Live From The Trading Desk & of course Michael's Goofy award winner!









Michael Campbell’s MoneyTalks – Complete Show

It's An Outrage + Income Generating Small Cap Stocks - Complete Show Dec 9th/17

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on Saturday, 09 December 2017 12:25


01:05 -05:34 - Michael's Editorial - A Supreme Court Ruling said that 1,000's of Canadians are suffering needlessly, even dying through the lack of timely healthcare access. Meanwhile Canada bans any private Healthcare solution for everyone..... except for our MP's & their families. It's no wonder they don't see the need for change while wait times for treatment of everyone else are the longest they've ever been. 

 05:55 - 13:25 Top Stories from Michael Levy

13:28 - 18.55 Michael's Instant Wisdom - A really interesting commentary and clip


01:05 - 03:20 - Quote of the Week - We now find that anyone who doesn't agree with the extreme progressive left won't come up against a reasoned argument. They'll come up against name calling, as evidenced by this quote of the week.

03:25 -18:50 - Michael's Featured Guest - With the Bank of Canada holding rates yet again it's a good time to return to one of the most important issues for investors - how to generate income when interest rates are near historic lows? With that in mind Michael's guest is Aaron Dunn of Keystone Financial, who has a terrific track record of identifying small cap, income producing stocks in Canada and the US. 

Also Michael's Shocking Stat, Ozzie Jurock's Hot Properties, Victor Adairs Live From the Trading Desk and of course Michael's Goofy Award Winner




Michael Campbell’s MoneyTalks – Complete Show

A Boatload of Hardship - One of the Greats in the Business -Complete Show Dec 2nd 2017

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on Saturday, 02 December 2017 10:34


01:08 - 07:08- Mike's Editorial:

Demographics, Technology related job losses and unfunded liabilities, 3 areas that are going to profoundly affect society. Poor leadership foresight has allowed these problems to become ever more dangerous, and still the public rarely, if ever, hears a politician address these topics.

Plus Michael Levy with the latest on Bitcoin @ 08:35 & Michael's latest installment of Instant Wisdom starting @ 15.25


01:10 - 01:55 - Quote of the Week: This weeks quote from P.J. O'Rourke makes a little fun of seriousness, worrying and showing great concern.

01:53 - 18:27 - One of the Greats in the Business on What's Next - Being ahead of the game is essential for successful market traders, and Mark Leibovit has shown time and again that he has that special knack of being ahead of the curve. Gold Timer of the YearBond Timer of the Year, founder of the Vice/Cannabis Newsletter recommending Cannabis stocks in 2014 long before the boom upwards, and one of the first analysts to actively trade bitcoin more than a year ago- Today Mark tells Michael "what's next?"

...also - Michael's Shocking Stat plus a bonus stat about Bitcoin, Ozzie Jurock's Hot Properties on the success of Government to retard Real Estate prices, Victor Adair's Live From The Trading Desk and of course Mike's Goofy Award Winner!



Michael Campbell’s MoneyTalks – Complete Show

Uncomfortable Opinions Tantamount to Assault - Sunrise in the Economy - Complete Show Nov 25th 2017

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on Saturday, 25 November 2017 12:44

00:59 - 13:11 - Canadians pay billions annually to subsidize University education, and most of us have no clue what's going on there. At least until this week when the recording of the meeting between Sir Wilfred Laurier Teaching Assistant, Lindsay Sheppard and three faculty representatives who believe that exposing students to uncomfortable opinions is tantamount to assault. 

...plus an amazing story from Michael Levy

01.13 - 02:57 - Quote of the Week - Professor John M Ellis says that ridding university campuses of centre and right viewpoints is not by chance. And it comes with consequences.

02.58 - 16:20 - This weeks featured guest is John Johnston of Davis Rea whose extensive background in analyzing developments in global financial markets has earned him widespread respect. A Goldman Sachs report predicts the fed to raise rates 4 times in 2018, John differs because of the new Fed team coming in. John answers Michael's questions about the effect that will have on interest rates in the US and particularily Canada. John also predicts the Canadian Dollar, Oil and lists out the Dangers & Opportunities ahead. 

....also Shocking Stat, Hot Properties, Live from the Trading Desk, and Michael's Goofy Award Winner




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