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Trudeau's Message, Brace For Higher Rates - Complete Show 01/27/18

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on Saturday, 27 January 2018 14:42

00:49 -06:22 - Michael's Editorial - The question is - what was gained by Trudeau announcing at Davos that the US is a better place to invest than Canada? That's what Prime Minister Trudeau did when he announced Canada will not match America's tax reductions and lower regulatory costs. Imagine owning a store and declaring that under no circumstances will you match your competitors prices?
07:23 - 13:34 -  Michael Levy on the fallout from the Trump tax cuts & other top stories
13:56 - 17:52 - Instant Wisdom: This Communication Breakdown's Gone Viral 

Millions of people have watched the UK's Channel 4 interviewer Cathy Newman agressively misinterpret and restate U of T professor Jordan Peterson's words.  - here's a sample that many are calling a watershed moment in the culture wars.  


00:50 - 02:27 - Quote of the Week: Award winning author, Margaret Atwood stated that women are capable adults and not children or constant victims. In the process she incurred the wrath of the #Metoo feminists - and you have to love her response.
02:25 - 17:02 - Featured Guest & Federal Reserve insider Dr. Michael Berry Ph.D talks about the implications of the end of low interest rates in the US, and the impact on commodity markets, inflation and much much more
...also Michael's Shocking Stat, Live From the Trading Desk, and of course Michael's Goofy Award Winner


Michael Campbell’s MoneyTalks – Complete Show

Complete Show 01/20/18 - Tough Economic Lessons & Commodity Opportunities

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on Sunday, 21 January 2018 13:10


00:53 - 07:01 - Mike's Editorial - When costs and prices change so does behavior, an economic lesson just too tough for the politically motivated to understand
07:55 - 14.15 - Michael Levy's Top Stories
15.04 - 18:48 - Instant Wisdom - Brent Woyat on opportunities for RRSP season  


00:44 - 03:13 Quote of the Week - One of the hollowest bit of virtue signalling is the constant refrain of diversity because as Google explains - it has nothing to do with respect for differing opinions.

 03:16 - 18:08 - Featured Guest Seasonal analyst Don Vialoux of TimingtheMarket.ca lays out his favorite winter trades. One, commodities, has Don excited because that market sector that is very sold out & rising from a low point

...also Shocking Stat, Victor Adair Live From the Trading Desk and Goofy Award Winner


Michael Campbell’s MoneyTalks – Complete Show

Complete Show 01/13/17 - Tax Cut Triggers Walmart To Hike Min Wage - Peter Grandich 's 2018 Predictions

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on Saturday, 13 January 2018 12:42


01:15 -05:08 - Michael's Editorial - This week Walmart joined dozens of other companies in raising salaries - clearly stating the reason was the Trump tax reduction. It's always been one of the great ironies that self described champions of the working poor pushes higher business taxes, which the research consistently concludes results in lower wages for workers. 
06:37 - 13:11 - Top Stories With Michael Levy
14:35 - 19:35 - Instant Wisdom with Michael Campbell


00:40 - 02:20 Quote of the Week - We'll await the verdict of the judges but for now we announce the finalists for the Nobel Prize in Narcissism.  Hint: This won't be popular with politicos of every stripe.  

02:26 - 16:02 - Interview of the Week - The incomparable Peter Grandich returns to MoneyTalks for the first time in over three years. And boy is the timing right as Peter has come out swinging with his predictions for 2018.  Peter pulls no punches sharing his opinions, his personal insights in this interview. 

..also Michael's Shocking Stat, Victor Adair Live From The Trading Desk, and Michael's Goofy Award Winner




Michael Campbell’s MoneyTalks – Complete Show

Complete Show 01/06/17 - The Political Class Costs Us Dearly - Fed Liquidity Now Fully Absorbed

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on Saturday, 06 January 2018 16:24


Mike's Editorial - Instant Wisdom - Quote of the Week - Lance Roberts on what happens next as the Fed's liquidity is now fully absorbed - Michael's shocking stat - Victor Adair Live From The Trading Desk - Michael's Goofy Award Winner
01:18 - 04:45 - Mike's Editorial: Job losses, pension underfunding, billions in energy revenues lost...no worries. Our political class pays no price for being wrong but the rest of us do
05:50 - 13:13 - Michael grills Michael Levy about the Top Stories of the Week
13:50 - 18:52 - Instant Wisdom - What Happened to Feminism - the big divide as 2nd wave feminists square off against the new 3rd wave

00.55 - 01:59 - Quote of the Week: Stephen Colbert: All That's Wrong With Public Debate

02:01 - 16:51 - Interview of the Week: As we head into the 9th year of the current bull market advance one of the best risk analysts in the business, Lance Roberts, joins Michael to talk market liquidity - what happens next as you can see in the chart below the Fed's liquidity is now fully absorbed!


19:41 - 23:17 - Michael's shocking stat - Iranian Protestors Risk Their Lives While Canada Gives a One Hand Clap

In what could be the most positive development in a generation. The Iranian people have taken to the streets in opposition to the authoritarian regimes while Canada offers luke warm support. 

24:01 -32:35 - Victor Adair Live From The Trading Desk - Victor lets loose on the Oil & Gas Markets

33:35 - 36:57 Michael's Goofy - They Chose Rape, Beheadings and Murder 
In one of the most controversial stances of the year. Prime Minister Trudeau vows to rehabilitate returning ISIS fighters.  His Minister of Safety disagrees. 




Michael Campbell’s MoneyTalks – Complete Show

Complete Show With Victor Adair Dec 30th 2017

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on Saturday, 30 December 2017 13:13

Rob Levy on the $60 Dollar Gold move. Peter Brant on what you've got to do make a living as a trader. 

Jack Crooks of Black Swan Trading on the Currencie Markets, Ozzie Jurock, Drew Zimmerman on Live From the Trading Desk 



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