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Tech Revolution - BlockChain Blastoff - Complete Show Oct 21st 2017

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on Saturday, 21 October 2017 15:08


01;18 - 06:18 - The fall-out from the failure of Government & the Education system to react to the techological revolution will change politics - and chances are it won't be for the better. Governments and the education system still to fail to react to the changes. Next up - self driving cars and trucks will threaten the jobs of millions of people in the transport and delivery business.
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Michael's computer was hacked this week, a nightmare for him, his friends, banks..... what a mess. Michael gets an expert to tell us how to quite simply prevent our computers getting hacked.                   


02;07 -18:21 - Blake Corbet, Head of Tech and Healthcare Investment Banking at PI Financial joins Michael to share some of the fascinating, and accessible, investment opportunities in the use of Blockchain, the underlying technology that led to the creation of BitCoin, the best known of the 700+ crypto or peer-to-peer currencies now in use. The scope of potential will astound you. 

Also: Shocking Stat, Hot Properties, Live From the Trading Desk and this week's Goofy award!

....also Michael's Editorial: Say Goodbye To These Jobs




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