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Say Goodbye to the Justin Trudeau's Middle Class Tax Cut

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on Saturday, 19 August 2017 12:53


01:03 - 05:42 Michael's Editorial - Maybe it's one of those much ballyhooed Liberal values. In a strange twist to the NAFTA negotiations, the federal Liberals are demanding to keep supply management  - a program that costs Canadians far more than they saved with the middle class tax cut. Hint: low income earners are really screwed.  

07:02 - 12:14 - Craig Burrows of Tri-View Capital with a Big Fat Idea to take advantage of the fastest growing group of people 65 and over. Specifically taking care of those that can't take care of themselves in that cohort. Two companies, Chartwell Retirement Residences CSH/UN.TO with a 3.8% dividend and Sienna Senior Living SIA.TO with a 5% dividend. 

13:38 - 18:44 - Michael comments on the Charlottesville attack. For many the problem is Donald Trump, but Michael thinks that misses the bigger picture. What about the left wing group that promotes violence Antifa?


00:00 - 03:03 - This Quote of the week addresses the escalating problem in society where we can't bridge our divisions because we are increasingly unable to have honest respectful conversations, with so many areas and topics no-go zones. It's all leading to escalating civil violence.

03:04 - 19:01 - Dr. James Thorne was very clear when he last joined us in April 2017 that Trump's deregulation of the financial sector and though he expected it to be a 2-3 year process things have gone very well in that area. James tells Michael what opportunities investors should be looking at to take advantage of this deregulation. 

Jame also thinks that we are early in the transition from analog to digital and recommended Amazon and Google last time, both which are trading higher now. James says the rate of change of technological innovation is accelerating, and with Amazon doing significant damage in the retail space, any company that isn't spending significant amounts of money on technology "is going to go away".

In a fascinating segment of this interview, the US Government & the Obama Administration is about to be accused of committing the largest financial crime in history, stealing money from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to finance a bail-out Wall Street and to also finance ObamaCare. Documents are now coming out but it is not yet being covered by the mainstream media. 

Thorne like the fact that their is fear in the market, and he scours the world for places where that fear is in place, Europe is interesting, Greece looks good oThe Problem With The Relentless Middle Class Messagever the next 2-3 years. Canada is looking expensive.

24:05 - 29:49 - Ozzie Jurock answers all of Mike's questions of the current and future state of the real estate market

31:33 - 34:18 - The state of the markets with Live from the Trading Desk and Drew Zimmerman

34:34 - 37:37 - This week's Goofy Award Winner






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