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You Gotta Hear This Guy On Making Money In Real Estate Complete Show 03/03/18

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on Saturday, 03 March 2018 20:13

In this week's Moneytalks Mike talks about the latest threat to the economy while Vision Capital's Jeff Oilin spells out his uniqued approach to making money in real estate. Plus a goofy that everyone's talking about.


Michael Campbell’s MoneyTalks – Complete Show

Complete Show 02/24/18 Solid RRSP Advice - Progressives Aren't Progressing

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on Saturday, 24 February 2018 15:06


Ensuring your RRSP is performing well + Mike on why Progressive policies are uninspired, unimaginative & unchanged 

00:53 - 07:10 Michael's Editorial - There is nothing progressive about pushing the same bigger government high taxation bigger bureaucracy poiicies for the last 40 years. Mike explains how uninspired and unimaginative these policies are

07:55 -15:03 - Michael Levy's Top Stories of the Week 

15:15 - 18:02 Kyle Green on the what impact the new mortage rules have had on the real estate market


00:58 - 03:55 - Here Comes the Hatemail - Michael chooses a quote of the week in the aftermath of the Florida School shooting that is guaranteed to infuriate many of those that have the nerve to listen:

03:57 - 18:24 - Featured Guest - Must-listen radio just before the RRSP contribution deadline, Mike interviews income & dividend expert Aaron Dunn on ensuring what you hold in your account is performing well & some specific ideas on investments that are solid long term holds producing consistent income. 

20:00 - 22:26 - Mike's Shocking Stat - Mike lists the vital products that are manufactured from oil plus two important facts as we talk about the end of oil

24.40 - 32.41 Live From The Trading Desk - Victor Adair on all of the major markets plus why he thinks its a dead cat bounce from the Stock Market lows

34:00 - 37:47 - Mike's Goofy is about one of the great white washing operations currently perpetrated by the Main Stream Media







Michael Campbell’s MoneyTalks – Complete Show

Fairness Follies + Timer's Digest #1 - Complete Show 02/17/18

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on Saturday, 17 February 2018 11:42


01:04 - 06:13 - Apparently according to the Finance Minister the budget is going to be fair. Of course it will be, as long as eveyone shares Trudeau and Morneau's opinion. Mike on one of the most divisive characteristics of our society

....also Michael Michael Levy's Top Stories and Mike's Big Fat Idea with Andrew Ruhland of Integrated Wealth Mgmt. 


01:06 - 02:30 - Quote of the Week: A warning from P.J. O'Rourke about a dominant theme in our society..... the people who want to restrict free speech. 

02:31 - 18:25 - Featured Guest: Ranked #1 in 2017 by the venerable Timer's Digest with a 31.6% return for the year, Stephen Todd of the Todd Market Forecast tells Michael what he forecasts for 2018. Stephen's is both long term investor and a trader. He has been returning over 15% annually since 2010.

...also Shocking Stat, Mike on the Letter of the Week, Shocking Stat, Victor Adair Live From the Trading Desk and Michael's Goofy Award Winner



Michael Campbell’s MoneyTalks – Complete Show

Peril Danger Warning! Complete Show Feb 10th 2018

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on Saturday, 10 February 2018 13:11

00:32 -06:55: Editorial - The score is $490 Million to Zero. That's how much money Canada transferred from governments & companies this week to the US because 2/3rds of our oil can't get world prices because it is forced to sell at a discount to a single customer, the US.
also Rob Levy and the Top Stories of the Week plus Michael's Big Fat Idea with Craig Burrows on Taxation


01:47 - 02:52: Quote of the Week – the 1% are vilified –work ethic, risk taking, creativity and talent are ignored – it’s a mainstay of politics -  but at what cost?

 02:50 - 19:24 Featured Guest: A word to the wise - big name analyst, Greg Weldon issues a major warning for investors. Hint: the game's changed. 

20:10 - 22:37 Shocking Stat: Ontario Loses 59,300 Part Time Jobs The Same Month It Raises Minimum Wage

24:30 - 32:13 - Live From The Trading Desk: Victor Adair on the Down and Dirty Week that was an where we go from here. 

33:05 - 37:55 - Goofy Award Winner: Attention: Peoplekind - the Prime Minister triggers outrage

Attention: Peoplekind 



Michael Campbell’s MoneyTalks – Complete Show

Complete Show 02/03/18 Red Hot Advice From Michael's Conference

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on Saturday, 03 February 2018 19:36


01:04 - 06:04: Mike's Editorial - The BC NDP intends to stall the Trans Mountain Pipeline by 2 years to ensure their survival as government while pushing the Alberta NDP out of office.

07:04 - 11:57: Rob Levy gives Mike a brief on who and what was presented at the conference on Friday. 

12:45 - 17:54 - The Legend Mark Leibovit tells Mike what he is investing in and how he is handling the Dow decline. 


00:30 - 01:56 - Quote of the Week - Albert Einstein has a message for the anti-intellectualism, name calling and demonization that the progressive left uses to shut down debate.

02:04 - 08:11 Featured Guest James Thorne - James sees this current market correction as a great opportunity to get less invested in Canada and more invested in the US

09:05 - 16:05 Featured Guest Paul Beattie -  Up more than 20% in 2017 using long & short strategies allowing them to make money on Friday's 666 point Dow decline. Paul on a new opportunities in CDN stocks.

19:51 - 26:32 - Featured Guest Jack Crooks - Jack on the imminent movement expected in the US dollar plus is affect on all currencies. 

....also Doug Bartole, InPlay Oil Corp, Victor Adair Live from the Trading Desk and of course Michael's Goofy award winner. 

26:33 - 37:24 - Featured Guest Mark Leibovit, the original Marijuana Bug on opportunities in the market now. 





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