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Exuberant Spending & Hard Rock Picks - Complete Show Oct 28th 2017

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on Saturday, 28 October 2017 13:58


If we're not prepared to pay their own way in good times then when would we? That's the question Canadians must ask as with economic growth currently healthy at over 3% our Prime Minister Trudeau still plans to spend and pass along another $18.5 billion in debt to our children to pay. 


00:00 - 02:15 Quote of the week: The Blunt Truth - The feds are going to add another $86,500,000,000 to the the debt in just five years. Two quotes sum up what's really going on.

02:20 - 19:07 - MoneyTalks' hard rock specialist Eric Coffin says there is little doubt the base metal stocks are holding up better than their gold counterparts. But the devil is in the details. A couple of Eric's base metal picks are up over 150% already this year and some of his precious metal explorers are rebounding nicely since the summer. Mike grills Eric for specific picks and prognostications.

Also Shocking Stat, Hot Properties, Live From the Trading Desk and of course Michael's Goofy Award Winner

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