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The Complete Show Aug 26th: From The Summer Doldrums Into Fall Volatility?

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on Sunday, 27 August 2017 09:00

Michael begins his show with an Editorial that is sure to set some activist groups teeth on edge. He follows it up with a Bonus Editorial about the current trend of groups trying to powerwash history. Tyler Bollhorn on techniques to improve your Stock Market profitability.

01:02 - 06:28 - Michael's Editorial - 35 million Canadians currently gets access to 300 million of the richest customers on the planet, 50% of Ontario's economy is dependent on US/Canada Trade. A major disruption in trade would be a disaster, but common sense doesn't matter when you have an ideaolgy.

08: 28 - 12:25 Mike Levy's top stories

14.30 0 18.31 - Michael's Bonus Editorial



01:21 - 02:55 - Michael's Quote of the Week - The War On History

Something's wrong. Ontario teachers want a founding father of our nation, John A. Mcdonald, a  removed from schools, Canadian veterans are getting nickle & dimed while a confessed murderer of a medic is lauded as a hero and made a multimillionaire overnight!

02:56 - 18:06Michael's Featured Guest - Tyler Bollhorn identifies statistically significant abnormal trading activity, a method that yielded 30%+ returns in his small cap portfolio picks last year.  In today's interview Tyler discusses his techniques to improve your Stock Market Profitability. One example, with markets like Bitcoin rising $2500 in a few months Tyler warns against chasing what has been working, and instead focusing on what is just starting to move up.

20:44 - 23:48Shocking Stat: The concern of illegal asylum seekers into Canada pales in comparison to what is going on in Europe right now. 

25:20 - 33:54 Michael shares a costly mistake he himself made in real estate and gets Ozzie's advice on how everyone can avoid making the same mistake too.  

35.06 - 37:19 - Michael's Goofy Award Winner!

....also from Michael: Ignorance - Trump & Canada's Anti-Free Trade Contingent




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