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Complete Show 02/24/18 Solid RRSP Advice - Progressives Aren't Progressing

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on Saturday, 24 February 2018 15:06


Ensuring your RRSP is performing well + Mike on why Progressive policies are uninspired, unimaginative & unchanged 

00:53 - 07:10 Michael's Editorial - There is nothing progressive about pushing the same bigger government high taxation bigger bureaucracy poiicies for the last 40 years. Mike explains how uninspired and unimaginative these policies are

07:55 -15:03 - Michael Levy's Top Stories of the Week 

15:15 - 18:02 Kyle Green on the what impact the new mortage rules have had on the real estate market


00:58 - 03:55 - Here Comes the Hatemail - Michael chooses a quote of the week in the aftermath of the Florida School shooting that is guaranteed to infuriate many of those that have the nerve to listen:

03:57 - 18:24 - Featured Guest - Must-listen radio just before the RRSP contribution deadline, Mike interviews income & dividend expert Aaron Dunn on ensuring what you hold in your account is performing well & some specific ideas on investments that are solid long term holds producing consistent income. 

20:00 - 22:26 - Mike's Shocking Stat - Mike lists the vital products that are manufactured from oil plus two important facts as we talk about the end of oil

24.40 - 32.41 Live From The Trading Desk - Victor Adair on all of the major markets plus why he thinks its a dead cat bounce from the Stock Market lows

34:00 - 37:47 - Mike's Goofy is about one of the great white washing operations currently perpetrated by the Main Stream Media







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