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Fuzzy Headed Thinking 4 - Serious Thought 0

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on Thursday, 29 June 2017 07:38


A majority of people and politicians in Canada don't think the size of the Debt or unfunded liabilites are a problem. Everyone it game for raising taxes on business and the 1% with no thought about what the consequences will be. How about immigration in Europe, where they are now deeply involved in the ....

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Mike's Daily Comment

Strangling the Political Elite

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on Wednesday, 28 June 2017 06:46


The  main factor that generated the populist trend towards Brexit, Trump, avowed Marxist Jeremy Corbyn and the destruction of the two main political parties in France is the angry rejection of the political elite. What the political elite fail to understand is that anger is justified.

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The political elite

Mike's Daily Comment

Good Heavens, What if They Remove The Tax

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on Tuesday, 27 June 2017 07:34


When Liberal MP and Heritage Chair Hey Fry was told Prime Minister Trudeau has said no to an internet tax bluntly stated "it is obvious he hasn't read the proposal". Taxes that would be on top of the 5% tax on broadband services we already have that Ms. Fry says is necessary. What about the windfall that municipal governments are getting on the sharp increase in property values which equals increased property taxes...

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A Bucket of Cold Water on a Common & Dangerous Assumption.

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on Monday, 26 June 2017 08:17


We have serious and complex problems, and not one of them is going to be solved by superficial thinking held hostage by idealogy. un-informed by research. Examples? The gun registry, it cost billions and failed just the same. Or how about climate change.... 



Mike's Daily Comment

Why Isn't The Government Bailing Out Sears?

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on Friday, 23 June 2017 07:43


With the Government bailing out the Montreal Grand Prix, Honda, Ford and the Bombardier family just to name a few that have occurred this year, what is it about Sears that Government doesn't want to bail it out with your tax dollars? Why not this particular private business?

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Mike's Daily Comment

Record Government Revenues Are Still Not Enough

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on Thursday, 22 June 2017 07:56

The real message from the BC Governments upcoming surplus is "Bigger Government All the Time." No thought of returning the excess to those who earned it, not even close. In spite of revenues exceeding expenditures, both the Greens and BC NDP is already on record to raise more taxes. The socialization of Big Government is so successful the only thing that separates the parties is how fast they're going to grow the Government. 

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Mike's Daily Comment

Financially Illiterate Graduates a Political Boon

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on Wednesday, 21 June 2017 07:59


Students who have no awareness of the 1.3 Trillion in government debt they will be spending their lives paying off, or have no idea what an unfunded pension liability is that they will be on the hook for might be forgiven for advocating big government. Since the school system doesn't make them aware, it will be no surprise when they get very angry when they find out they are grossly in debt before they have even begun their working lives!

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