Hard Rock Specialist Eric Coffin's Picks & Prognostications

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Posted by Michael Campbell & Eric Coffin of HRA Advisories

on Saturday, 28 October 2017 13:31


02:20 - 19:07 - MoneyTalks' hard rock specialist Eric Coffin says there is little doubt the base metal stocks are holding up better than their gold counterparts. But the devil is in the details. A couple of Eric's base metal picks are up over 150% already this year and some of his precious metal explorers are rebounding nicely since the summer. Mike grills Eric for specific picks and prognostications.

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Eric Coffin:

Most base metals, particularily zinc and copper, are outperforming Gold. Eric thinks this is a sign that we are seeing better growth globally. One of the big boosts for copper and zinc is that miners are not growing the supply that quickly.

Eric sees $2.00 a pound over the next 6-9 months. 


As for a copper stock, Eric thinks the safest bet for a double next year is Excelsior Mining Corp - MIN.TO, which has an in-situ leach copper project in Arizona that has just acquired their final operating permit. The project has a billion dollar Net Present Value.



Another recommendation Eric has is Regulus Resources Inc. - REG.V, which has in Eric's opinion a "really really strong management group" that built up a company Antares Minerals they sold for $700 million to First Quantum. Regulus Resources is a spin out from that, it already has 300 million tons on it and drilling just started 2 months ago and they have had several stock spikes on really impressive drill holes. They are going to drill for the next two years to build up a project that is attractive for the copper majors to buy.



 Eric also recommends Almadex Minerals Ltd. - AMZ.V drilling in Vera Cruz Mexico. Eric thinks the timing is right now because they have had positive drill results but are just now about to drill the area that had the most positive surface sampling results, an area that big scale potential with surface copper. A very well managed company that has other assets. 


Good Trading and Investing





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