A +30% Return Without Lifting a Finger

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Posted by Michael Campbell & John Johnston, Chief Strategist Davis Rea

on Saturday, 10 June 2017 11:24

That's what you would have earned if you had listened to Dr. John Johnston on MoneyTalks and switched a portion of your portfolio to $US denominated assets in early 2013. Heck, if you were an active investor and bought an inverse $CDN ETF like DLR a $10,000 investment would have been worth $14,340 in January of 2016, and even today it would still be worth $13,400.

At the 2013 World Outlook Financial Conference, with the loonie trading over $1.00 US, John accurately forecast that the Canadian Dollar would decline to the 70 cent level. Still one of the best money-making predictions of the last decade.

In this interview Michael ask John Johnston what's next in the currency world, as well as some of the secrets behind his index beating Davis Rea Equity Fund, and the even more remarkable returns on his Fixed Income Fund. The first 2 minutes of this segment begins with Mike's Quote of the week.