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Featured Guest Jeff Olin's Basic Principle to Power Returns In Real Estate

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Posted by Michael Campbell & Jeff Olin

on Saturday, 13 August 2016 15:39

Since the summer of 2008 - Jeff Olin's Vision Capital has outperformed the TSX about 10 times over - and he says it's the best way to invest in real estate. Vision strives to seek out both the undervalued, as well as the overvalued absolutely and relative to their peers. As all investments are in listed companies, broad opportunities exist whether it is in the red-hot Vancouver Market, or oil driven depressed markets like Edmonton. 
The Fund target investments that are expected to outperform on a medium term, risk adjusted basis in areas where real estate is bullish. If the market is broadly, or locally bearish the fund also prospers by short selling overvalued Corporations and/or REITs.

 ...also speaking of performance Greg Weldon with Michael: On The Brink of Soaring Move Up In Gold & Silver

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Interview of the Week

On The Brink of Soaring Move Up In Gold & Silver

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Posted by Michael Campbell & Greg Weldon

on Saturday, 06 August 2016 15:55

Featured guest Greg Weldon is as excited about the Precious Metals right now as he was when he recommended it in 2005 when it was $450 and ounce. Since he recommended it it January 2016 Gold has subsequently jumped $325 and Gold shares came within a hair of tripling in price. This interview is gripping. Greg also gives his opinion on the stock market, currencies as well as interest rates.

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Interview of the Week

Is It The Season For Investing In Gold? or Oil? or Stocks?

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Posted by Michael Campbell & Don Vialoux of Timing The Market

on Saturday, 30 July 2016 12:40

In their monster hit, "Turn,Turn,Turn" The Birds famously sang - "to everything, there is a season." That's certainly true with gold, stocks, currencies and every other investment, which is why Mike loves to talk with the foremost expert on seasonality - Don Vialoux.  Find out which groups to drop and which ones are about to get hot. 

...also Mike's Editorial: They Just Don't Get it 


Interview of the Week

A Truly Great Interview With Uber Money Manager, James Thorne

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Posted by Michael Campbell

on Saturday, 23 July 2016 15:21

Brexit, Federal Reserve, Turkish Coup…what does it mean for your investments? What’s coming next? Not an easy answer but Caldwell Investment’s chief strategist, James Thorne says there’s one the key variable that you must keep a close eye on. 

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Interview of the Week

Opportunities Everywhere

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Posted by Michael Campbell & Paul Beattie

on Saturday, 16 July 2016 15:28

Michael interviews one of his favorites, Paul Beattie, founding partner at BT GLobal Growth Fund. Paul brings his bracing and refreshing insights right off the bat starting out the interview with his frustration at missing some great investments in this complicated market.  If you haven't heard Paul before you are in for a treat. No punches pulled, no fools unchallenged and no sacred market cows allowed!

Be sure to listen to Mike's Saturday Comment - The Dominant Driver of Capital World Wide



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