Interview of the Week

Interview of the Week

The Bottom of the Interest Rate Cycle?

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Posted by Michael Campbell and Bob Hoye

on Sunday, 16 July 2017 12:59

Bob Hoye joins Michael to talk about what comes next and whether we're heading to another "interesting time". (4:00)


Interview of the Week

Get Ready - An Earth Shattering Sea Change is Coming

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Posted by Michael Campbell & Jack Crooks of Black Swan Capital

on Saturday, 08 July 2017 07:21


00:38 - 01:15 This Quote of the Week from the great Humorist P.J. O'Rourke, an American political satirist and journalist on dividing the economic "pizza" pie.

01:16 - 16:42 - Star analyst, Jack Crooks warns that you better be on the look out for a massive change in the investment environment that will impact every one of us. 

19:51 -22.25 This Week's Shocking Stat brings you a number so big it will make your head spin. A number that is so vitally important it will effect everyone's economic health.

25:10 - 32:15 Hot Properties - Ozzie Jurock lets Michael know about one of the indicators he uses to find good real estate values. An indicator that reveals a very attractive city with "Glorious" real estate values. Also areas to buy where people live the longest and of course Ozzie's Hot Properties. 

32:56 - 36:24 Live From the Trading Desk - Victor continues to warn that Central Banks are back and having a big impact on markets. The key thing is the dvergence between the Central Banks positioning to raise rates and the Markets not believing it will happen. The big risk is if the markets are wrong, the Central Banks do raise rates.... the whole market complex changes dramatically.


36:33 - 38:13 This Week's Goofy Award Winner is the person who chose the headline act at the $500 million Parliament Hill extravaganza. Perhaps its just very Canadian eh?

Click Here to Listen to the first full half hour of Moneytalks Canada Day Weekend Show. 





Interview of the Week

Gold Stocks: Get Ready, Get Set.....

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Posted by Michael Campbell & Paul Beattie of BT Global

on Monday, 19 June 2017 08:56

Featured guest Paul Beattie of BT Global whose fund since inception in 2006 has more than doubled the return of the TSX. Paul answers Michael's questions on interest rates, the economy, the Canadian Dollar, real estate. Paul sent us a note last week saying it might be time to look at gold stocks, so Michael grills him to list his exceptional picks in that area.

Last time Paul was on in November 2016 he recommended two specific energy service stocks Calfrac Well Services (CFW) at $2.75 and TriCan Well Services (TCW) at $2.97 which both soared to over $5..00 in the next 60 and 90 days respectively. Another big winner from Paul was Trevali Resources up from below 35 cents in March 2016 to a high of $1.57 in Feb 2017. Trevali Resources traded to a close of $1.05 on friday.

...also from Michael: The Impact of Amazon's "Just Walk Out Technology"



Interview of the Week

A +30% Return Without Lifting a Finger

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Posted by Michael Campbell & John Johnston, Chief Strategist Davis Rea

on Saturday, 10 June 2017 11:24

That's what you would have earned if you had listened to Dr. John Johnston on MoneyTalks and switched a portion of your portfolio to $US denominated assets in early 2013. Heck, if you were an active investor and bought an inverse $CDN ETF like DLR a $10,000 investment would have been worth $14,340 in January of 2016, and even today it would still be worth $13,400.

At the 2013 World Outlook Financial Conference, with the loonie trading over $1.00 US, John accurately forecast that the Canadian Dollar would decline to the 70 cent level. Still one of the best money-making predictions of the last decade.

In this interview Michael ask John Johnston what's next in the currency world, as well as some of the secrets behind his index beating Davis Rea Equity Fund, and the even more remarkable returns on his Fixed Income Fund. The first 2 minutes of this segment begins with Mike's Quote of the week. 



Interview of the Week

A Must-Listen To Interview

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Posted by Michael Campbell & Josef Schachter & Josef Schachter

on Saturday, 03 June 2017 15:08

Oil Expert Joseph Schachter on the critical question of when we can expect the next bottom in Oil. Also which clues will tell us the trend has turned - and most important, which companies to consider adding to your portfolio at the turn.

....also: Buckle Up: The Most Dramatic Change in Generations



Interview of the Week

The Inside Scoop On What's Going On At The Fed

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Posted by Michael Campbell & Dr. Michael Berry PhD

on Saturday, 27 May 2017 12:31

Dr. Michael Berry is the go-to guest when it comes to parsing the tea leaves of the central banks, the US Federal Reserve which has singularly  the largest impact on interest rates, stock markets & commodity pricing.

....also: When People Pay No Price For Being Wrong



Interview of the Week

The Markets Have Already Priced In Positive Events

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Posted by Michael Campbell & Lance Roberts

on Saturday, 20 May 2017 11:36

Lance Roberts, one our favourite and most articulate analysts challenges market orthodoxy. Mike and Lance discuss what's coming next and Lance shares specific ideas on conservative investing approaches.

....also Michaels Weekend Editorial: Careful What You Wish For

Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 11.03.22 AM


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