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The Shiniest Metal of Them All07:02 AM

If you like precious metals, you probably like gold and silver. Let me tell you about a shiny metal that is leaving both gold and silver in the dust. That metal is palladium – and it’s up 42.6% since the start of the year. And up 73% since the start of t...

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Gold Market Update06:37 AM

The dollar is getting ready for a sizable rally, and that means that gold and silver are going to be knocked back again. Longer-term however, the outlook for the Precious Metals could scarcely be better, as we will see. In last weekend’s update it was ...

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Victor Adair - USD Poised To Rise05:16 AM

Global stock markets were higher again this week, after a brief dip Thursday following a “warning” from the Peoples Bank of China about “too much debt and too much leverage.” The major American indices hit All Time Highs again this week with the ...

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posted by Victor Adair for Money Talks in Currency

The 3 Most Popular Articles Of The Week07:24 AM

1. How Much Money Do You Need To Retire On Dividends Alone? For the past 18-years Ryan Irvine has had a remarkable track record with average returns well over 30% annually over the last 4 years. Ryan tells Michael and the Money Talks audience ...

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