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Gold, Oil and Stocks

There are a great many ways to analyze investments. For example, some analysts look at business performance measures like earnings, debt, cash...

- posted by Michael Campbell

Mike's Daily Comment

Mike critiques the summation of a Nick Nanos, President of Nanos Research in reviewing the results of a Poll done for the Globe & Mail........

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Today's Best Money Making Ideas

US Stocks Could Fall 50% from Here12:23 PM

Today, we’re going to revisit yesterday’s subject – something so surprising and counterintuitive that almost no one expects it or is prepared for it.  We’re talking about a sudden disappearance of dollars.  For a brief time – perhaps thr...

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Bob Hoye: "Dow Theory Is Working"12:09 PM

  Stock Markets Clearly, William McChesney Martin's job description of the Fed is no longer applicable. The Fed and other senior central banks are not only drinking, but have embraced the punchbowl. What's worse, they are too far into the party to q...

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Gold Set To Plunge Below $60008:50 AM

This analysis covers the long term charts of gold, gold mining shares represented by the HUI Gold Bugs Index and the world's largest gold producer, Goldcorp. Let's commence with the gold price. Gold Gold has been trading as expected in recent times but the...

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Signs to Watch for a Major Peak in Stocks and...08:40 AM

Update: The market's push to new recrod highs last month failed to prevent a significant divergence from forming with the relative strength index. This is one of the three signs I highlighted for a possible peak in stocks. See updated chart and commentar...

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