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Macro Update for US

Greg's latest Global Macro Update offers his full sector coverage with a dissection of US Retail Sales data, and a look at the impact on Fixed-Income...

- posted by Greg Weldon

Mike's Daily Comment

Daily Money Troubles - We are inundated with financial problems on a daily basis. It's important to understand the main cause....

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Today's Best Money Making Ideas

The Latest News from the Fraser Institute07:38 AM

   Concern about Canadian household debt levels overblown when assets, other measures taken into accountNotwithstanding headlines to the contrary, there is little evidence that Canadian households are being irresponsible in taking on new de...

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Junior Gold Stocks: Thumbs Up!06:10 AM

  Here are today's videos and charts (double click to enlarge):  Gold & Silver Key Chart Formations Video Analysis  GDX Tree Pruning Video Analysis  GDXJ Show Me Some Volume Video Analysis  SIL (Silver Stocks ETF) Ascending T...

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Bullish call on gold from HSBC.... 03:01 PM

....as its chief economist Stephen King warns global economy on the cusp of a major collapse. It’s no longer the lunatic fringe of forecasters who are warning about a coming apocalypse for the global economy. Perhaps it is time to sit up and pay attention ...

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