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Time for Fundamental Changes in Canadian Venture Investing

From the exchange, to brokerages and the investor With practically all North American broader indexes/exchanges including the Dow, S&P...

- posted by Ryan Irvine

Mike's Daily Comment

Uber has been in the news all over North America because they are a phenomenal challenge to the monopoly by Government on Taxi Licenses. The numbers are astoni

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Money Talks Radio Show of Disruptive Innovations11:24 AM

Atlas is an anthropomorphic robot designed to operate on rough terrain. The video shows Atlas balancing as it walks on rocky terrain and when pushed from the side. The balance and control system places the feet and swings the arms and upper body to stay upr...

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The One Thing I’m Going to Teach My Kids About...09:54 AM

Over the years, I've explained a lot of Wall Street's "secrets"... I've explained how discounted bonds are sometimes vastly better investments than stocks. I've covered how selling naked puts is almost always safer and more profitable than buying stocks outr...

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Boom, Bust, Lies and Claptrap!12:11 PM

Dow up big time – 259 points, or 1.5% Gold up too – to over $1,300 an ounce. This year is going to be a hoot. Boom, bust, lies and claptrap – we’re going to have it all!  What accounts for yesterday’s big bullish surge? From Bloomberg: The ...

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