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2015 World Outlook Small-Cap Portfolio Update 2.0

Once again this month, in light of recent gains and a couple of very impactful company specific news events, I thought it would be instructive...

- posted by Ryan Irvine

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Big Government Woes - Those who declare that we live in an era of unfettered Capitalism just don't get it. Lobbying, political connections and cronyism is a di

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Today's Best Money Making Ideas

The Pivot Points To Watch For Gold06:43 AM

Gold is consolidating below its long-term moving averages in a stage one base in what I believe will lead to a huge breakout into a new bull market. Now many people think gold is going to fall to 800 or 900 or 1000 an ounce. In stage one bases after a bear...

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Commodities Recovery: An FX Game Changer?06:36 AM

It's been less than a week since the big chiefs of the commodities world met at the FT Commodities Global Summit in Lausanne, Switzerland, situated along the beautiful banks of Lake Geneva, yet already the markets have begun to adjust its collective...

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Richard Russell Warns People Must Prepare For...06:30 AM

.....Will U.S. Seize Gold? Richard Russell:  "Subscribers may remember that I thought the stock market would have a melt-up before it settled into a destructive bear market. It occurs to me that the chances of a melt-up are diminishing because the marke...

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Consumer Credit Trouble Looms06:24 AM

The slowdown in retail sales growth has been a big surprise this spring, as lower gasoline pump prices were expected to boost spending. What’s going on? Analysts at TIS Group have a fascinating if scary answer: The consumer credit cycle is breaki...

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Natural Gas Settles at 3-year Low06:19 AM

Crude oil has been the center of energy-related headlines since 2H14 when it started its dramatic ‘normalizatin’ process while everybody (us included) seems to have forgotten about natural gas.  So we thought we should give an update on natural ...

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