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BOJ, FOMC and Where to Now?08:48 AM

The Bank of Japan gave us a glimpse as to just how far down the rabbit hole we may have to follow global policy makers as we try to make sense of ever more complex and shall we say, innovative ‘tools’ being used in the effort to engineer individ...

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The Best Rectum Story of the Year 07:39 AM

This week's goofy, the United Nations has another mind blowing, bad news appointment for women. More surprising is that people still take the UN seriously. Plus bonus, ahem....the "bottom" line on a Canadian Mint employee's method of stealing a huge amou...

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Oh No Not Again09:46 AM

We're living in the economic version of Groundhog Day....two more downgrades of Canada's GDP growth but the big news is that politicians and central bankers don't know what to do. ....relatedl: Super Hero Politics  ...

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A War on Cash Ahead

Citizens are being pushed by Big government and Big banks to voluntarily abandon cash for the greater ‘convenience’ of a cashless future....

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