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America Loves Guns

And if you’re a vice stocks investor, you should too. And even if you don’t like to shoot things, you should at least love weapon sin stocks. I...

- posted by Mark Leibovit

Mike's Daily Comment

The Big Debate - For those who think that raising taxes, plus more Government Spending and Debt will help the economy, the poor and disadvantaged, we only have

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ONLY MoneyTalks get this kind of deal. Through our long-standing relationship with Mark Leibovit - a one year subscription to his new Vice Letter, regularly US$430, is being made exclusively available to Mike’s audience for only $39! Less 10% of the ...

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Canadian Housing Bubble Has Begun To Burst08:22 AM

Don’t look now but slumping crude prices are hitting the Canadian housing market like a freight train. Energy accounts for 10% of Canadian GDP and around 25% of exports and the swift fall in oil prices is having a profound effect in the nation’s oil ...

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Junior Gold Stocks: Volume Rules Price08:38 AM

Here are today's videos and charts GDXJ Volume Rules Price Video Analysis US Dollar ETF (UUP) Correction Target Video Analysis Gold Bull Volume Bar Of Champions Video Analysis Silver Moving Averages Buy Signal Video Analysis GDX Symmetrical Triangle Vi...

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