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Is The Postal Service Still Necessary?23/10/18 08:52 AM

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers have started rotating strikes after not reaching a deal with their employer.  But do you care?  At the end of the day, postal workers get paid by you, the taxpayer.  With a company that loses money, should...

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Why Invest in a company looking for ‘pencil lead’?22/10/18 02:02 PM

There are times that investments look odd on the surface but make a lot more sense once you perform due diligence.  With debate circulating over the production of oil and pipelines in Canada, pencil lead might just be what we need to help move Canada to ...

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Today's best money making ideas

America Has A Milk Problem22/10/18 08:25 AM

Not only does America have milk—it’s got a surplus of over 8 million metric tons, forcing dairy farms to shutter and farmers to simply start dumping millions of gallons of milk that far exceeds domestic and foreign demand.... CLICK for complete article...

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Even for Politics This Is Weird 21/10/18 03:25 PM

One of the leading contenders for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination, Senator Elizabeth Warren demanded for decades that her ethnicity be listed as Native American in faculty directories and professional profiles due her heritage as a me...

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