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Money On The Run

This weeks Mid-Week update sees money scrambling to find safety from the spreading European Banking crises, the currency markets including a substantially weaker...

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July FOMC Meeting and Gold02:45 PM

Yesterday, the Federal Reserve released their most recent monetary policy statement. How could it affect the gold market? As widely expected, the Fed kept interest rates unchanged between 0.25 and 0.50 percent (traditionally, Kansas City Fed President E...

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A Potential Life Changing Market09:57 AM

The markets have a way to push you just beyond your limits to get you to do the wrong thing at the wrong time and then reverse on a dime. The bearish sentiment from just a casual observation over the last few weeks has felt like there was no way the bulls cou...

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Equity Cycles And Trends: A Complete Review07:40 AM

Summary A breakdown of the trends in worldwide equity indices. Technically equities are due more upside, although trends are mature. Some markets have already topped and are retracing the first step of the downtrend. ....read the entire analysis HERE ...

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2 Stocks That Meet Tyler's Strategy of the Week07:30 AM

This week, I focus on the Daytrader preset scan from the Stockscores Market Scan. This is a good way to build a watch list of stocks that are hot on the current day and have the potential to make an abnormal move in to the close. You can run this scan about 4...

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