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Mike's Daily Comment

No surprise that the april budget projections dropped into deficit - but the surprise isn't drops in government revenue, it's the huge increase in spending!

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Today's Best Money Making Ideas

The Economic Impact of Evil09:42 AM

The Dysfunctionality of EuropeThe Euro: A Suboptimal Currency UnionThe Economic Impact of EvilMerkel’s Gate ReduxHollande Shuts the EuroDoorA Disunited EuropeHong Kong, Hollywood (Florida), and the Cayman Islands “Political leaders still think things...

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Mid-East Change: Oil and Gold Rally Catalyst06:07 AM

Graceland Updates  By Stewart Thomson The case for gold ownership is not any weaker or stronger now, than it was a thousand years ago. Gold is the world’s ultimate asset, and that’s irrespective of whether the price is currently rising or falling...

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SP500: Guideposts Nearby On Multiple Timeframes05:39 AM

Prove It To Me Market As we outlined in a November 20 video clip, the "return to the year of the whipsaw" action in the S&P 500 over the last few weeks means we prefer to make the market "prove it" by clearing some overhead guideposts. Daily Guidep...

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