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The Most Popular 3 Articles of the Week07:33 AM

1. The Capital Flood & All-Time Stock Market Highs  by Michael Campbell: A failed Turkish coup, Italian Banking crisis, Brexit surprise, bloody terrorist attacks & negative interest rates destabilizing Governments has money flooding from E...

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Time To Quantify and Define 07:40 AM

The entire global financial system is in jeopardy because citizens do not hold their political leaders to account. For the longest time, when the facts were uncomfortable societal leaders avoided them and citizens just shrugged and went along. Dangerously, th...

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Denier Pride07:18 AM

It wasn't until a couple of years ago that the full meaning of today's usage of the term "Denier" got through to me. Of course, the Left's connotation has been the accusation that anyone who would deny catastrophic anthropogenic global warming would also deny...

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Draghi Has Lost It Completely06:54 AM

The European Central Bank (ECB) announced it will decide in the coming months whether monetary policy should be eased any further. Clearly, Draghi is completely losing control for he cannot entertain the remote possibility that negative interest rates will on...

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What the Heck Is Going On?06:45 AM

With the world in crisis, my email inbox is flooded. Especially so, since over four years ago, I forecast a period of rising domestic and international geopolitical tension, violence and even war. At the time, almost no one believed me. They even laughed. I ...

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Historic: The Dow Up 9th Day in a Row07:51 AM

The stock market has hit a lot of records lately: all-time highs for the Dow Jones Industrial Average and for the S&P 500, with even the bond market making history (record-high prices and record-low yields). With the Dow closing highe...

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Eric Coffin: Use Seasonality to Your Advantage

Back in the “good old days” the mining stock sector had definite, predictable seasonal patterns based on when exploration work got done...

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