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Mike's Daily Comment

Oil Sands account for 1/10th of 1% of Global Emissions. Why then did the Obama Administration killed the KeyStone Pipeline, when they have built 19,000 kilomet

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Today's Best Money Making Ideas

US Dollar Meltdown & Gold Surge07:29 AM

Super Force Precious Metals Video Analysisposted Feb 5, 2016 Here are today's videos and charts (double click to enlarge): US Bonds, Dollar, & Stock Market Video Analysis Gold & Silver Bullion Video Analysis Precious Metal ETFs Video Analysis Tra...

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How Pension Plans are Responding to Financial...07:25 AM

Amin Rajan discusses investing in the age of financial repression as well as key points for risk mitigation with FRA Co-founder Gordon T. Long. CREATE-Research is a a network of prominent researchers undertaking high level advisory assignments for governments...

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Gold Stock Sector: Rubber, Meet Road07:22 AM

You may have noticed that I have written relatively little publicly about the gold sector over the last few years (we have covered it consistently in NFTRH to keep subscribers aware of the bear's status, and protected against it). Is that strange fo...

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The S&P 500 Is Falling; Take Refuge Here07:17 AM

Summary Equity markets are weak this year; where should you invest? 2 recent ideas for StW members; 2 more for everyone. Sinovac gets a takeover offer. Welcome to the Weathering the Storm issue of M&A Daily .....read more HERE ...

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The Latest From Fraser Institute07:14 AM

Research, commentary and news - February 5, 2016 Recent blog posts Ontario energy minister at odds with province’s auditor general by Kenneth P. Green and Taylor Jackson Education spending restraint could have improve...

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