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You Choose - US$ or Gold

So which do you think major investors and managers of huge pools of capital chose for safety – gold or US dollar treasuries? I’m not asking...

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Mike's Daily Comment

Canada is a commodity currency, really an oil currency and oil at present levels is reflected in the currency. What's next.... Michael Levy for Mike Campbell

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Top 10 DividendRank'd Canadian Stocks09:04 AM

#10. Capital Power Corp (TSE:CPX.CA) — 5.0% YIELD At #10, Capital Power is engaged in the building, owning and operating of power plants and managing its related electricity and natural gas portfolios by undertaking trading and marketing activities within ...

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US Dollar: The Buck Stops Here 08:56 AM

The Highest RSI in 14 years -  Today's videos: US Dollar The Buck Stops Here Charts Analysis Gold Cost Of Production Bounce Charts Analysis Silver Three Times Lucky Charts Analysis GDX Full Stokes Buy Signal Charts Analysis GDXJ Is A Bit Sluggish...

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posted by Morris Hubbartt - Super Force in Currency

The Returns of Every Asset Class So Far in 201410:48 PM

This all encompassing chart, straight from Deutsche Bank, summarizes the YTD returns up to this week with all major asset classes including stocks, government and corporate bonds, currency markets, gold, and commodities. From our perspective, there are ...

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