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Todd Market Forecast: A Big Change Afoot06:29 PM

An important letter written by Stephen Todd, who was Ranked #1 in 2017 by the venerable Timer's Digest with a 31.6% return for 2017. In this evenings letter, Stephen makes a case for a rally in stocks tomorrow. Perhaps more importantly, as of today Feb 2...

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Jack Crooks: The Next Big 8 Year Bull Market06:49 AM

The 3 charts below tell the story: Jack Crooks makes a powerful argument that the US Dollar has entered into a long-term bear market cycle which will trigger a massive BIG move in sold out commodities for the next 8 years - Robert Zurrer for ...

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Dangerous Legislation07:26 AM

  The BC Government wants to trash the most important industry in the province in the name of affordability. An industry that has a huge workforce. Michael has the numbers and makes the case that Gov't should leave real estate alone.  ....also rel...

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Victor Adair: The Market is Walking on Eggshells07:02 AM

Victor went into the crash short, covered and watched the market rally for a week. In this Live From the Trading Desk Victor has a strong opinion on what's happening now in the Stock Market, Gold & the US Dollar - Robert Zurrer for Money Talks ....also...

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The Idea that Stocks are in a Bubble is Absurd06:38 AM

This gentleman makes the case very powerfully that stocks are not in a bubble. This jibes with Martin Armstrongs view that the Dow is heading to 35,000 - 39,000 in the next two years as money flows from the Treasury markets to Stocks. Definitely worth watchin...

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An Odious Sex Scandal 02:06 PM

Finally, since it was first revealed in 2008, two British Newspapers have torn the lid off of the disgusting behavior of non-governmental disaster relief organizations trading sex for life. Get a load of these numbers.... ....also Michael's Quote of the We...

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