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Latest Update

Temporary Bottom?

The Dow was ugly this morning but rallied sharply to finish down only 170 points - but more importantly it manage to close above support at...

- posted by Michael Campbell

Mike's Daily Comment

Some organizations are declaring VICTORY, popping champagne and whooping with delight. Dig a bit deeper and you find either awfully shallow thinking or........

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Today's Best Money Making Ideas

CDN Oil Sands First Victim of Low Oil Prices 11:31 AM

"Mining, processing, and pumping heavy oil sands from remote positions in Canada are much more costly than conventional oil and even shale oil in the U.S. While short-term operating costs are only around $40 per barrel, new projects need prices well above $90...

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A History of Notable Stock Bubbles11:09 AM

Asset bubbles go as far back as finance and speculation themselves. In the past, there have been bubbles in everything from tulips to railroads that have made or broke fortunes. In today’s insanely connected world, the ability to create and burst market bu...

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Why I can’t invest like my grandpa10:26 AM

I loved my grandfather. It was a special relationship, in part, because my paternal grandfather passed away before I was born. My mom’s father was part of that extraordinary generation that came through the depression, fought in WWII and built the nation we...

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2 Reasons To Consider Commercial Real Estate06:50 AM

The two largest benefits of investing in Commercial Real Estate are as follows; 1. The landlord has more power than the tenant (anyone who is a residential landlord in Canada is aware that more often than not, landlords are at the mercy of their tenants); an...

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A New Rotation Emerges06:37 AM

The market shows that investors have been following the wrong narratives for two years. For the better part of two years, US markets have dominated investor interest on the belief that the Federal Reserve finally got it right with Quantitative Easing 3. T T...

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