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Inflation: An X-Ray View of the Components07:22 AM

Here is a table showing the annualized change in Headline and Core CPI, not seasonally adjusted, for each of the past six months. Also included are the eight components of Headline CPI and a separate entry for Energy, which is a collection of sub-indexes in H...

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Emerging Markets: Best Gains in 8 Years06:50 AM

Emerging Markets Shrug Off Crises For Best Gains in Eight Years   Straight forward: “2017 is set to go down as the year when easy monetary policy and budding global growth came together to deliver blockbuster returns for the world’s emerging m...

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Long Term Patterns in Stocks, Gold and Crude06:41 AM

The green arrows are 10 years long. Peaks indicated are in 1987, 2007, and potentially 2017. The pause in 1997 was not a top because the market rally extended into early 2000. The current peak in 2017 could also extend, but valuation and timing indicators ...

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Gold Stocks Blastoff In Play06:29 AM

Today's videos and charts (double click to enlarge):  SFS Key Charts & Video Update SF60 Key Charts & Video Update SF Juniors Key Charts & Video Analysis SF Trader Time Key Charts & Video Analysis Thanks, Morri...

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Dollar Crisis08:29 AM

This video explores the strong possibility that the US Dollar is in a crisis that is seemingly unrecognized by the Fed. The implications for future price movement in the stock and gold markets is also discussed. https://blog.smartmoneytrackerpremium.com/ ...

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Bitcoin Total Wipeout Alert08:11 AM

I have lain in wait before writing this stark a warning on Bitcoin, because if you “cry wolf” too often with something like this, you are simply written off as a fool within days if it carries on up and up. It could yet do so, but now we are seeing really...

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